Thursday, 24 February 2011

Snowy, sew-y days

Mr You-Know-Who says I should be shot for that title, but it does sum up today rather well!

We woke up this morning to find that it had been gently snowing for quite some time -  about three inches had fallen and it was still coming down, oh-so softly.  Mr U-t-B went to fetch some fresh bread and 'pain aux raisins' for breakfast, then we wrapped up warmly and set off to try to take advantage of the new covering of snow.  

Luckily, most people seemed to have been put off coming out early, so we were the first up several lifts,and the first to make tracks in the powder.  This is what my dear husband lives for. 

Unfortunately, though, I do not seem to be designed for what most skiers consider to be great conditions, and I found myself disorientated in the poor visibility, and hating the fact that I couldn't tell where the contours of the slope lay.  Although we do go skiing each year, it has actually been ages since I've skied in conditions like this, so after a morning of trying to be positive about it, I wimped out and headed back to the apartment to do something a little less fraught -SEW!

I've been working on some more felt cottages, as they are the perfect portable project.
Two of these are heading for Austria!

I am enjoying these all the more since I learnt to do French Knots properly!

I am trying to remember to mix different coloured strands of thread for some of the stitching as I think it makes it more interesting.

I did venture out again in the afternoon, but only really for a last glass of that 
white vin chaud, and to say goodbye to the nice people in the mountain hut 
where they serve it! 

 So tomorrow we head back home.  I have had a lovely break (I can even mention that word now the borrowed skis have gone back!) and have been spoiled rotten.  I could really get used to this!


  1. I think your post title is very good indeed!!

    Adore your felt cottages. They are really beautiful.

    Glad you enjoyed your break (oops, I don't like to mention that word either when it's associated with skiing!).

  2. I am so jealous of the snow & the views you must have! I haven't attempted to ski before, I'm more of a sledge type!! Him indoors can ski but I'm too scared! xxx

  3. Those cottages are gorgeous - you have a lot of patience! Glad you had a good hol. x