Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sunny Days

Yesterday the sun shone and we had another carefree day on the slopes.  We were out for most of the day, catching the first lift and returning with the crowds around half past four.

The consequence of all this skiing is that my thigh muscles are most definitely waving the white flag of surrender and I can barely move now!  Serves me right for a distinct lack of physical exercise the rest of the year...

Once again our day consisted of quick blasts of downhill activity, punctuated by stops at mountainside eateries.

My skiing continues to improve, all thanks to the borrowed skis.  I don't think I am quite ready for Olympic trials yet, and it is still the case that whenever I reach the bottom of a slope, Mr U-t-B has already got his slippers on and is smoking a pipe, but, you know, I'm feeling rather chuffed with myself! (Only joking about the pipe!)

There were no stuffed goats for me to take photos of today (thank goodness, I hear you say!) It was more a day of breathtaking views. 

We returned to 'L'Alpage du Crot' for another white vin chaud this afternoon.

 This poster on the wall had the title 'Le Bonheur est simple'.

For this old couple, it seems that coffee, croissants and companionship (plus cows!) are the key to happiness.  We're keeping it simple here too, and it makes for a very happy break.


  1. Fab pictures - sounds like you're having a great time!

  2. what a beautiful place, it sounds like you are having an amazing time. I have never tried skiing but feel sure I wouldn't be able to stay upright very long ! Enjoy the rest of your break.
    Ann x