Monday, 7 February 2011

Losing my head over a pair of boots

I'm sure we've all done it.

Seen a gorgeous pair of boots.

Known that they are impractical.

Known that they probably cost more than we should really spend.

Gazed admiringly from afar, not wanting to let them out of our sight.

Panicked when we've seen someone else pick them up (the ONLY pair!) and discuss them with the salesperson.

Then finally succumbed and bought them!


I bet not many have done this with a pair of boots they can't even wear!

Thus it was on Saturday, at The Maltings!

Here are the boots in question.

Gorgeous, aren't they?

In beautiful condition, with all the evidence of a previous life spent galloping across rural acres at full pelt - the leather burnished to tan on the insides of the calves.

The make is 'Regent' (embossed in gold inside in a gloriously swirly script) and I'm pretty sure they are bespoke.

As beautiful as the boots themselves are the wooden stretchers...

...which come apart in three sections.
Mr U-t-B is keen on the idea of stashing valuables in the hollow!  Shame we haven't got any!

The cream band on top of the stretchers tells you that these were made by 'Peal and Co, London'.  Above the company name is the name 'Miss Elliott'.  I presume this means that the boots and trees belonged to a Miss Elliott!  I find this fascinating - who was Miss Elliott and when did she indulge in country pursuits demanding such beautiful footwear?

I didn't buy them with the intention of wearing them, just knew that they would be a characterful addition to our home decor.  They do look the right size, if you're talking about feet, but Miss Elliott was blessed with rather slimmer calves than me - the boys I was at  secondary school with would have you believe my strong calf muscles are the result of my signing for St Helens at the tender age of fourteen, but I like to think it was dancing that did it!

Mr U-t-B is surprised I haven't yet put my family history hat on and come up with an entire potted history of said Miss Elliott.  It would be lovely, but 'Miss Elliott' is not much to go on.  So I shall just imagine (the Honorable Miss Elliott perhaps? Of the Nether Wallop Elliotts?) and be grateful that whoever she was, she looked after those boots so I can enjoy them now!


  1. They're great - love the wooden stretchers!

  2. They are gorgeous ! I fell in love with a tiny pair of riding boots in the CS & said we could put candles in them ! Not old like yurs though with the lovely boot trees inside. Ooh you could write a stort based on Miss Elliott's boots !