Monday, 14 February 2011

St Valentine's Day chez moi

Oh - it's that day of the year...

So what have I done for my lovely and very much appreciated husband? 

Selected from the finest of ingredients and created a box of sweet treats?

For this recipe visit BBC Food

Well, no - he's trying to be good!

Gathered a bunch of spring flowers?

Well, no - he's suffering from hayfever already!

Put pen to paper and written a beautiful letter to express my love?

Er no - too cheesy for me - he'd just laugh!

 Taken him out for a candlelit dinner?


Well, no - bit broke at the moment...

Sent round a troubadour to serenade him at work and tell him of my love?

Well, no - I definitely can't stretch to that!


What I did for Mr U-t-B was this.

(I've made the pic a small as poss so as not to offend your eyes!)

Yes, I cleared out the stinky drain at the back of the house, that was filled with a winter's worth of decaying leaves, bits of debris from wood-chopping for the fire and assorted bits that went down the drain with the washing-up water, to save him from having to do it this evening.

And they say that romance is dead!

PS  Don't forget my giveaway - see Friday's post!


  1. Jeez Alix, you must really love your husband!!!
    p.s I can only crochet a teeny bit. Hardly at all compared to many. I learned at Meet me at Mikes where there is a granny square 101. Go look!!

  2. What a lucky chap your man is - no chance I'd do that for mine!

  3. Flippin' 'eck, that's real love that is! I bought my partner two enormous boxes of Fruit and Fibre. I know. He's training for the London Marathon and didn't want chocolate! And he was delighted with his present as he's all about the practical! Hugs, Em x

  4. Sounds about the same as our relationship! xxx

  5. That is true love. My hubby lucks out for Valentines - being my birthday & all that !

  6. Oh, yes - true love indeed - I bet he was chuffed!!

  7. He's a very lucky man!!!!! That is most certainly true love LOL! X