Monday, 21 February 2011

Out with a whimper

Hey!  Seems I can blog from here!

I was a tad surprised last night.  I got the ironing board set up and put the television on, just a shade before eight o' clock.  

After a hard day finishing tiling across the road, I was ready for my Sunday night 'Lark Rise to Candleford' fix.

Photo courtesy of BBC

Photo from Radio Times

And what comes on, but the Antiques Roadshow!  Hmmm...I mean, I like the Antiques Roadshow, but eight o'clock is LRTC time!  Bonnet, Dorcas, Twister and Minnie time. Time to wallow in that special feeling that only a bit of costume drama can bring.

I knew, of course, that 'South Riding' was on at nine, and it would be rather strange to have two of those types of programme, hot on each other's heels.  So maybe LRTC had moved to a different slot.

So I decided to Google it and see what I could ascertain. 

Imagine my shock to discover that last week's was the last one.  


I'd only been saying earlier in the evening, to a very disinterested Mr U-t-B, how much I was looking forward to the weddings, and Thomas and Margaret's baby.  I suppose the signs were there, but how did I so completely miss hearing that last Sunday's was the absolute LAST episode?  Must have had my head in a bucket or something...

It's probably just as well, because I do have a tendency to weep, and if I'd known the floodgates might have well-and-truly opened.  

But I'm really going to miss it!

I think the only way the BBC can make up for my terrible shock and sadness is to commission something else in a similar vein.  My thoughts turn towards
'Cider with Rosie'.  I know they did do it some years back, but I think it has all the credentials required for escapist Sunday night viewing. 

'Cider with Rosie' - Laurie Lee
Image from letslookupandsmile on flickr

I have brought the book with me on my little holiday and I'm going to check it out. Then I might even contact the BBC and demand that they do this for me!

What book would you suggest for a Sunday evening adaptation?


  1. I'm with you for a new Cider with Rosie... I mean we get Tess of the D's/ Pride & Predudice / Jane Eyre ( which I adore ) remade every few years.
    I love C with R - sent a copy to an American Blogger friend & bought it again fo myelf to re read ( memories of O Level Lit )

    I have to confess I didn't see any of Larkrise but I did watch South Riding. How GOOD was that ?!!! Loved it.

    Maybe a new Rebecca ? a really creepy one...

  2. Maybe we should start a petition! My love of the book is also based on O level Eng Lit - I liked it at the time, but returning to it as an adult I have appreciated it even more. I am about to put my nose into it now!

  3. Oh my favorite book is Jamaica Inn, love it!, closely followed by Frenchman's Creek.
    I'm sorry I have never watched Larkrise, but I thoroughly enjoyed part one of East Riding, and will watch it again when M does as he missed it.

  4. I just discovered this show and watched it for the second time last week. I hope we are far behind you as far as showing the series here in Canada:(

  5. Yes, Cider with Rosie would be great. I was like you, re Zen - I hadn't realised there were only 3 episodes - sat down on the 4th week and was very disappointed!