Friday, 20 July 2012

Fabric-a-licious Friday

First of all, thanks for the boaty-love from my last post, and good luck to anyone who is now searching for a boat-in-need-of-a-makeover!  I'm hoping that Joanna has by now come up for air from her Google search for Italian hunks...

So it is Friday and once more, my thoughts have turned to fabric.  Today's selections come from Fabric Rehab and M is for Make - I have put links to the fabrics with each caption, so you can easily hop over to find more details.

To continue the nautical mood from my last post, I found this lovely cheater patchwork fabric.  It would be great for a quick quilt if you don't have the time or desire to piece but are happy to quilt.

Nautical Squares

Vintage style fabrics are what I tend to go for, and I love these.  The tickets one would be fab for passport covers and other travel related items, and the posies - well, I just want it in every colour!

Vintage Tickets

Old New 30's - Vintage Posies

I am still finding lots of gorgeous fabrics with kiddie and adult appeal in equal measure.  This first one just reminds me of the summer holiday days when me and my bicycle were pretty much inseparable, and of how much I always wanted a scooter!

Dress Up Days - Blue Bikes

This whimsical print - oh, it's just cute!

Celestial Navigation

And two of the bears here really tickled me - the one lying so cleverly balanced on the branch with a pot of honey and the one hiding, not so very successfully, behind the trunk!

Woodland Bears

But what I know I will be saving up for (out in August) is this collection...

Liberty - Bloomsbury Gardens

But with 11 different prints, each of which comes in five different colourways, how will I ever choose?

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I love looking at fabric and always end up buying far more than I need.
    Really like the "vintage" posies in your blog.

  2. oooh the tickets one would make a great novelty print 50s blouse! mmmm do I need more fabric?

  3. ok maybe not, it's a bit heavy isn't it :o(

  4. Ooooooo, I just love absolutely ALL the fabric - want, want, want! xx

  5. Your fabric posts make me smile - you find such wonderful fabrics, the new Liberty ones are de-lish. You are to fabric what I am to washi tape/paper!

    I am restricting my Italian hunk googling to 8 hours a day, which I think is reasonable.


  6. Ooooh! Gorgeous fabric - Nautical and Vintage Posies are my favourites must go and seek them out!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. Just want to say how much I am loving your Friday fabric posts. It's so lovely discovering new and wonderful places to buy new and wonderful fabric! Have got to set a strict budget going forward as one Friday's purchase is leading to another's and so on!! Anyway thank you - and keep them coming! E x

  8. Oh the little bears one is just adorable.