Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Torn-out Tuesday Goes Large...er Missing

Oh my!  
What an idiot!

I just deleted the whole post I'd written and published (about organising all the potential craft projects I have ripped out of magazines into a plastic pocketed lever arch file) , all because I was trying to add an Italian hunk for Joanna, who pointed out the omission!

Here one is anyway...

Antonio Sabato Jr

Clearly I am losing control of my faculties - can't for the life of me imagine why...

Anyway, it wasn't much of a post, except that I had put in some personal thank yous for recent comments, especially to Rosemary, for identifying the beetle as a Sexton Beetle (they definitely are those - so the concern now is 'Where have the beetles buried the dead birdy, or (gulp!) rodent?')

  I also updated on the tea stain, which is receding, so the little Italian steam machine is going to be found cupboard space.  I may have to re-name the machine Riccardo, and perhaps from now on my blog will just be dedicated to showing pictures of Italian chaps I find lying around on the internet?


  1. Such a good idea Alix - why is it that the thing we look ages for always turns up when we least expect it to? Thanks for your kind comment on my last post by the way. I never know whether people actually see replies to their comments automatically or whether they have ro revisit to read it. Anyway it meant a lot
    Patricia x

  2. Impressive! that is a fabulous idea....it must feel so good :o)
    you will have to find some 'Z'ip tutorials!
    love jooles x

  3. Great idea. I am, however, here for today's Italian hunk. He seems to be missing. Please rectify and repost.

    Thank you.

  4. Oh no - I feel responsible for your post deletion (how on earth did you manage that?!). It was a lovely post although it has to be said that Antonio is slightly more attractive than your projects binder.

    Thank you.


    1. Ah - don't worry about it Joanna! A) It was my fault entirely (I didn't realise I'd higlighted the whole post when trying to add a caption, then when it disappeared pressed 'Revert to draft' and the draft was simply the letter 'n''!) and B) It gave me far more fun finding that photo than I would have had otherwise watching the news!