Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Four Seasons Ta-Dah!

Back in the depths of winter... 

{No, by that I don't actually mean last week, even if I was back to woolly socks in the evening and occasional blasts of central heating then!}

...Mr U-t-B kindly presented me with a lovely French cross-stitch magazine following one of his trips.

I got started on one of the projects therein (you can read about the magazine here and see the project I made here) and then determined that what was really required was a set of four.

Finally, last night, I stitched the last cross with a flourish and sat back feeling rather pleased with the result.

So here is 'Winter'...



...and 'Autumn'...

They are all based on the original 'Winter' designed by the very talented designer behind '1 2 3 Citrouille'.  I decided to change the alphabet for two of them, which caused me a few problems over spacing that I can only see now that I'm looking at the photographs.  I have a 'Q' I'd like to shift and a 'D E F' too, so need to remember to do this before I frame them.  I have bought cheap frames from Wilkinsons because if I don't stretch them and frame them whilst I'm still feeling chuffed with having completed them, they will lie around for years in a drawer!

I am very happy with my sheep under the blossomy tree...

...and of course the bees, one of which was on the original 'Autumn', but mine have multiplied and got a choice of beehive homes...


  1. This is super pretty, I love it!

  2. They're so lovely, I remember these from when you were working on them before. Definitely for the wall not a drawer!

  3. They look wonderful together, well done. I wouldn't have noticed the alphabet spacing if you hadn't pointed it out - I had to look VERY carefully!


  4. They are so pretty - praise indeed from only an occasional cross stitch fan x

  5. Ooooooh....quelle jolie poin de croit!!! J`adore!!! :O) moi ausi j`ai un progee pour fgaire avec des poin de croix!!! :O)
    With love from Moscow!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  6. They will look wonderful frames & deserve a place of honour ! Really lovely x

  7. Hi Alix! Great job. They are all adorable and will look great together. Will you frame them and hang them or use them in another in a quilt or wallhanging?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  8. Those cross stitch pictures are beautiful! How talented you are. The sheep are, indeed, particularly pleasing. Well done!!!
    I hope you will pop over to see me at Fat Dormouse getting Thinner ( and join in my Giveaway.