Friday, 13 July 2012

Fun, doubled

Wednesday, in spite of the absence of her granddaddy (Mr U-t-B who is toiling away in sunnier climes at the moment) Sophia came and spent the morning and lunchtime with me and Miss U-t-B.  She was her usual happy, funny self.  

This basket was emptied of a stash of fabrics to become a home for the few books and toys we have for her here, and this is her tidying her things away.  The fact that the basket is as big as she is doesn't worry her one jot - it means that once she has gathered a few things into it and thrown them out again ('cos that's how you tidy, huh?), she herself can clamber in!

Funniest moment came towards lunchtime.  A few weeks back, we bought an Ikea 'Antilop' high chair...

...which is great as it comes apart quickly and stores easily in a space under the stairs.  The legs can just be seen as you walk through the hall, but not much.  Sophia spotted them and seemed to decide it was time for lunch!  First she pulled out each leg in turn and presented it with a flourish to Miss U-t-B in the next room.  Seeing this as a clear signal of readiness for lunch, I pulled out the seat part, putting it on the floor whilst I tidied away the other things I'd had to move to get it.  Sophia  promptly clambered into the seat and sat there expectantly!  Sweet!

Once we'd stopped chuckling, we got the chair together and heated up some lunch.  But the waiting was  clearly too long ...

'When will you fools feed me?'

Anyway, yesterday the fun was doubled as little Hannah came visiting (with her Mummy, Grandma and Granddad), to see her new cousin, baby Dylan.  Sophia and her Daddy came over too.  I tried hard to take some decent photos, but failed miserably.  At all the best moments I either couldn't find my camera or snapped a split second too early, or late, or was in the wrong place...

Missed Hannah kissing her new cousin...too early

Missed both toddlers admiring the baby...too late

Missed the happy sharing of Duplo hiding on mantelpiece

Missed the post-strawberry smile...wrong place

The only decent shot!

ANYWAY, earlier this week I had a lovely parcel arrive from the fab 'M is for Make'.  As has always been the case for me with this supplier, it arrived almost before I had pressed the 'Confirm Order' button on my computer!  Here is what it contained...

Flower garden in blue - in sale, so all gone now

Stella dot teal

Vintage stamps


Griffith mum - also in sale, so none left now

Well, a girl has to find something to keep her amused when her husband is away, doesn't she?

{M is for Make has a new look website and to celebrate there's 15% off till July 18th.   Not trying to tempt you or anything...)

So on Tuesday afternoon, I decided I needed to make something for the pair of girls due to visit.  After playing around with combinations, I settled on these two...

...and being a little short of time, what with toddler-sitting and CS stint on Wednesday, I hit upon the idea of tiered skirts.  They were super-quick to make, and Monsoon just happened to have t-shirts in the right colour and sizes to complete the outfits, in the sale...

 Making them was a darn sight easier than getting a decent photo of them both in them...



  1. What lovely photos. The two little ones are so cute.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What sweet little girls in their cute skirts - well done!!!

  3. As they say, "Never work with children or animals!!" Fun times had by all and you may have missed some photo opportunities but you have those sweet memories instead. The little outfits are so cute :)


  4. Oh dear it is making me long for grand children, they look adorable. You are one lucky grandma.

  5. Beautiful fabric, love the skirts! The only way to be ready to get a good shot is to grow a camera oto the end of your arm. LOL, otherwise we always miss the shot.

  6. Oh you temptress, what great material.
    The tiered skirts are lovely.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time with the children. Our great granddaughter was here on Monday - favourite toy of the day? Coasters! (think it was the cat pictures that attracted her).
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Carol xx

  7. Gorgeous girls in such cute skirts, such a clever Grandma! And I love the stamp fabric, am so tempted even though I don't really sew much. Although I am going to patchwork class next week...hmm...