Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The search continues...

I am still having fun planning the decoration of our bedroom!

This room scheme in the Dulux book looked just the ticket, a good shade to go with one of the wallpapers I like...

Source Dulux

...so the appropriate match pot  was purchased.  (More of that later.)

I found the perfect bed, having convinced Mr U-t-B before he went away, that this was really in order, as we haven't ever bought a bed together (We've been married 17 years!  And the bed was already a few years old at that point.  I don't think it owes us anything - and it does have one piece of wood on it that is splitting, so at some point my dear husband's side is going to collapse!)


Bedding will be something pretty plain, but elegant...


New curtains were dreamt of...


Vanessa Arbuthnott's new Swedish collection is just gorgeous, but our windows are large, so my dreams got their wings clipped.  Instead, Clarke and Clarke have some lovely, more affordable, possibilities...
Need to get to a shop and see what these are like in reality now.

More samples arrived.  Just more 'Marney' from Sandersons, which Mr U-t-B, from afar, has declared off limits due to its name!  This has only made me keener.

One wall of this, the rest of Dusted Fondant.  Or so I thought.

Then I did this...

Painted patches of (lighter colour) Dusted Fondant... 

...and its darker friend Dusted Damson on stripped bits of wall...

...and samples of paintable paper round the room.

Amazing how different they look in different places!

All this convinced me that Dusted Damson was definitely too dark and Dusted Fondant was not the subtle shade that was neither pink, nor grey, nor lilac, but in fact, in our room, with its north facing window, just plain old lilac.  With the emphasis on the old.  No offence to anyone out there with lilac colour schemes, but for me lilac is cutesy girly bedrooms at one end of the scale, or ones cluttered with glasses for dentures, space for zimmer frames and a vaguely medicated smell.  Sorry.

So it's back to the drawing board!


  1. It's so easy to fall in love with pics in books and colours on shadecards isn't it. Thank goodness for matchpots. I have a large piece of very thick card which I painted white and now use for all my test paint patches. It's easy to move around and amazing how different things can look in different rooms and at different times of day. Unfortunately our British 'blue' light dominates and affects everything. I love your colour choices but can see your dilemma. Happy matching. Eli x

  2. This is all exciting. The fun bit of decorating. Personally I like the Clarke and Clarke choices, AND by looking on the site I have found an interiors outlet that sells them about five minutes away from us. I didn't even know it was there! Where would we be without matchpots,but they are rather expensive, mind you I do have a lot of them.

  3. Oi! That's MY bed !!!! Our first bought bed which has got to be twelve or maybe fifteen years old - before that we had mum's bunk / twin beds pushed together.
    Loving the colours x

  4. Aren't you glad you tried a sample first. I will never paint again without doing that after a painting fiasco I had recently. What was supposed to be white with a pink cast somehow is very pink and I'm not a pink person. Thank heavens it's only the bathroom and not a bedroom.

  5. A friend recently had kitchen decorated. She chose the paint. Two days later had to ring the decorator back - hated it! Ended up having magnolia rather than making another mistake. She knows she should have done the sample test
    Love the Antoinette.
    Carol xx