Saturday, 7 July 2012

I've started SO I'll finish...

Waking early, with wallpaper swatches still spinning round inside my head, I thought there was no time like the present, and still clad in pyjamas...

...I began to peel the top layer off the wallpaper...

Peelable wallpapers are such fun to remove, especially when you can get a sizeable chunk on a roll...

Within a quarter of an hour this peachy wall...

...had become this...

The base paper still needs to be removed, but that's the wet and messy bit, so I'll wait till the room has been cleared of most of its contents. In the meantime, it just looks like a shabbier version of what was already there, so not too depressing to wake up to. Anyway, it's started now, so there's no turning back (though we may very well shilly-shally along with this over the next several months!)

Once it hit eight o'clock, a local decorating supplies shop was open, so I headed there to peruse more wallpaper samples.  The grey I had been thinking of was seeming like not such a great idea - thanks Elaine for your mention of small windows, which got me thinking!  Our window may be a large bay...

You're getting a good idea why I want to re-decorate!

...but I got to thinking about the fact that it is north facing.  
Apparently, you should always consider the direction in which the room you are decorating faces when considering colour schemes 
(I read this on the internet, so it MUST be true!)  
So I have now requested further wallpaper  samples. I picked up lots of paint colour charts too and have placed some in the room to look at in the light at different times of the day - gosh, I am taking this seriously, aren't I?

I'm now tending towards a colour that Sanderson call putty, but which I think of as a pale heather-y colour.  Not lilac (definitely not lilac) but a grey with a hint of purple, to warm it up.  I'm hoping that might be a compromise between my grey dream and the reality of facing north!

Unable to make any further progress on that project, I then set about a much smaller makeover. Our ironing board was in need of a new cover (yet again) as the one I made not long ago had been assaulted by an angry iron spitting brown water.  I praise Lidl for the super size of the ironing board I bought from them, but this means it's near impossible to buy a cover for it, and let's face it, the original autumnal toned one is enough to make you feel depressed at the very thought of taming the creases!

Luckily it now looks much cheerier!

I also downloaded photos from my camera, revealing things I'd forgotten about.

Cake pops made by Elodie and me to give to the new parents across the road...

Sophia's smiles and cuteness on Wednesdays (when we look after her)...

...and seeing her little personality developing...

(This makes sense - her Mum and Dad are both very mathematical.)

(Anything on the wall is now a clock!)

The first visit of little Dylan chez nous...

And a new knitting project.


  1. Lovely photos of a very sweet Sophie and beautiful Dylan.
    We once had a door painted grey but I didn't like it as it just seemed as if it was "undercoat" waiting to be finished so I had to change it.
    I bought my latest ironing board cover in the last Cath Kidston sale, very similar pattern to yours.
    Is the new knitting project for Dylan?
    Carol xx

    1. Good point about the unfinished look! The knitting - well, it MAY be. I'll see how it turns out first.

  2. You've been a busy bee. Can't wait to see the room once it's decorated. x

  3. Gorgeous littlies - and those cake pops are fab, what a great gift. Good luck with your decorating, I find paint decisions so hard!

  4. oooh decorating, can't wait to see the end result! I love peeling that kind of wall paper off too ;o)

  5. I'm happy with the grey shades I've chosen but bedroom facing north is very pale just off white really as are hall landing stairs.
    Lovely babies visiting you !

  6. Just finished for the day and feeling a bit more human, so decided to catch up.
    All safe and well.

    Previous post - too right that wallpaper was a little too girly for OUR bedroom, and if you think anything called Marney, is going on my wall you can think again!!

    Your videos do not play - they just say this video is private - so not much point in putting them on I'd say.

    See you soon

    1. Marney is my top choice at the moment. I've never heard such a ridiculous reason for rejection of a wallpaper! Try the videos again as I've changed the settings. Paul and Odile (and Elodie!) might like to see them!

  7. I am right there with you on the indecision, everyone is going grey. But Oh Lordy with the weather I am worried that I will feel as if I live in the middle of a rain cloud. I have so many match pots now I could stock a market stall. Your grand-daughter is a beauty. I never tire of watching small children discover the world, it is magic. Dylan looks so cosy, safe in the land of nod.