Tuesday, 23 August 2011

An Englishman's home is his castle (or his priory...)

Just recently, we have been getting into the habit of trying to go for a decent walk most days.  It is good exercise for 
Mr U-t-B's healing back, and for me, too.  

Tempting though it would be to jump in the car and seek out some local beauty spot for a walk, we have decided to shun that option and walk from our front door.  This has led to discoveries in our own neighbourhood that might easily have slipped our notice.

Sunday's walk turned up this quirky residence.  I imagine it used to be a church.

What first caught our attention was the magnificent gate...

And what a lovely courtyard beyond!

But then we spotted the gargoyle-topped wall to the right...

A study in boredom...

And another to the left...

Not the prettiest of faces,  I'm sure you'll agree, and those nails are enough to give you the heeby-geebies!

I'm sure the 'House Doctor' would have a fit at the over-personal choices here, but I can't help but admire the individuality.

Later on we came to a more familiar sight - that of Aldershot Castle.

I bet you didn't know there was a castle in Aldershot, did you?

It is so often missed off the tourist trail, but here it is, in all its splendour.

The approach...

And the view into the castle courtyard...

They even have telly in modern castles!

Meanwhile, on the same walk, I spotted two more traditional homes.

This one for if I'm ever re-incarnated as a bird...

Loving its colour and its shabby roof!

And this one, which I'm rather in love with...

Late C18.  2 storeys, 3 windows to North and South fronts; small wing to west.  Small bell turret surmounts a red-tiled roof, which has hipped ends and a brick dentil eaves.  Red brick walling in Flemish bond, with flat rubbed arches to openings, stone cills.  Sash windows in reveals.  South front has an open Tuscan porch; on the north is a rusticated brick porch of later date. Old boundary wall in Flemish garden wall bond, red stretches and blue headers. (Rushmoor Borough Council's listing details)

This one is not a new discovery,and is one of the earliest houses in the area. 

Built in the late eighteenth century, it is (thank heavens) listed, so will hopefully escape the terrible stripping of features that some properties suffer.  I'm looking forward to attending to the shutters when I move in...


  1. You're right, you take in so much more when walking rather than driving. I love walking at dusk - lights are on but curtains not already drawn. I know, I'm a nosy old bird, but I enjoy taking in the mini tableaux behind the windows.

    Isn't the last house beautiful? In my dreams............


  2. Its amazing the things we don't notice on our doorstep! Those gargoyles are ... well, they wouldn't be my choice!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. You live in such a beautiful neighbourhood. We sometimes miss the local treasures in our hurry to rush out and rush home. Walking is the best- we will benefit from your great pics and you will both benefit too.
    Helen xx

  4. I think the owner of the house with the gargoyles has my sense of humour. I would definetly put them up to freak out the neighbours...oh well:)

  5. I just love houses, and isnt strange how tastes differ so much, you notice so much more when you walk. xx

  6. thank you for the lovely wander around your neighborhood, you were very tactful!
    jooles x

  7. Ha ! That is hilarious ! Those Gargoils would send me running !