Monday, 15 August 2011

A Night (in) at the Movies

I'm not a great watcher of films (because I tend to fall asleep in them...) but yesterday evening I sat down to 'Glorious 39' which I thought was a new series.

I enjoyed this conspiracy thriller, made all the better by the fantastic costumes worn by Romola Garai in the lead role of Anne Keyes.
Now at this point in my search for images, the marvels of Google Images let me down and I couldn't find  pictures of other costumes I'd so admired.  So with the wonders of Catch-Up TV, from our very own TV screen I bring you these...

And my absolute favourite...

Now I'm off for 'Trial by Westfield Shopping Centre' with three teenage girls.

My book is coming with me and I expect to be spending lots of time drinking coffee and reading in a bookshop coffee spot!


  1. Isnt Romola beautiful I watched her for the 1st time recently in Daniel Deronda and the other day in Nicholas Nickelby.I must watch out for this one too

  2. I saw this too, it was good wasn't it. We must have both been thinking the same things at the same time because when I saw the outfit you've taken from your tv screen I thought 'ooh, I wouldn't mine wearing that!' Instead I'm sitting here wearing paint splattered jogging bottoms and a vest covered in oven cleaning residue!!!

  3. Oh lordy, 3 teenagers in Westfield........
    I hope you survive the experience and enjoy several lovely coffees (and a large glass of something cold when you get home) xx

  4. I loved the costumes too, and it was beautifully filmed. Good luck with the Westfield trip , I too have endured it it on a couple of occasions with between one and three teenage girls. It really is a bit of an endurance test but has to be done as part of the summer holiday ritual unfortunately.
    Ann x

  5. I loved this film too - beautiful clothes and a real feel for the era.

    Hope you survived the shopping trip.......!

  6. Hope you survived your shopping trip! I too sat down to watch 'Glorious 39' not really knowing anything about it and was then utterly captivated for the next couple of hours

  7. I havn't seen this, think I may watch it though, I will probably fall asleep though!! Itry not to, just can't help it.
    hope the shopping trip went well! Hope lots of coffee culture was enjoyed. I have all that to come!
    Andrea x

  8. ooh wasn't this a treat ? Jess & I watched it together. Bill Nighy was superb too. I know that he often seems to play himself (as does Hugh Grant) but in this that very quality was just what was needed. I just wasn't sure if he was genuine or not. Great ending. I love how "the baby" said he couldn't remember much !!!