Wednesday, 31 August 2011

If you were reading my blog way back in February, I was waxing lyrical about the great selection of crafty magazines available from supermarkets in France, such as these two...

On Monday, I was in W.H. Smith looking at the plethora of sewing- and craft-orientated magazines available.  My goodness - how they have multiplied in recent months!  'Making', 'Sew Hip', 'Sew', 'Mollie Makes', 'Craft Seller', 'Simply Homemade' and 'Handmade Living' have all, on occasions, found their way into my shopping basket.  But when I picked up this glossy magazine, it instantly felt different...

And then I looked at the projects and had my suspicions confirmed - it is indeed French in origin!

The magazine has lots of lovely sewing related projects, as well as others.  I love the Russian Dolls and the Beach Hut on this one...

Matching the motifs below is a really lovely one of a sewing machine.  I can't show it as it is not pictured (there's just the chart) and there are dire warnings beside the charts about not infringing copyright!

Most of the charts are gloriously large and clear - squinting not required!

Some of the materials shown in the magazine are available from the linked website

I have done one very small project from the magazine already, which I will share soon!


  1. What beautiful magazines - enough to make me want to head hot foot over the Channel! On my last trip I looked desperately for knitting and sewing shops - I was obviously looking in all the wrong places!

    Pomona x

  2. Oh wow i just love those last few images Alix - beautiful things!
    Thank you for sharing all this crafty magazine stuff - i dont tend to buy them, being an interiors magazine kinda girl, but i shall have a look next time I'm in WHS.
    I love your new header, beautiful embroidery and applique you clever thing!
    Im wearing socks in the evenings now too - lol!
    Gill xx

  3. gosh that mag looks right up my street, will have a look for it on saturday ! ....excited!
    jooles x

  4. I find that the japanese books are different also, so much nicer that the uk mags and books.


  5. I'm not sure HOW it looks French, but it DOES! Is it the subtlety of shading, the delicate images or the colours? I don't know, but they look super. Looking forward to seeing your very small project!


  6. The magazine selection has really gone down hill here lately. Some of the good European magazines have disappeared off the shelves. That site that you gave has gorgeous stuff...beautiful:)

  7. What loveliness! I think there is a French mag called Marie Claire Idees that looks divine too.
    The bag at the bottom, ah! So individual and gorgeous.
    There are a few German interiors mags here and some other European ones. Their ideas are sometimes so much better and dreamier.
    I am going on that site. I bet it will be completely beautiful.
    I agree too, your header is a beaut! xxx

  8. Gorgeous mags,whow I am so tempted to buy one ,but I think I'd BETTER FINISH ALL THE THINGS Ive already started LOL ..Can't wait to see your little project x Manda x