Friday, 2 September 2011

Answers on a postcard, please...

Made a little trip to a well-known DIY store yesterday, in search of some better storage boxes for transporting my stock to The Maltings Market tomorrow.  

Requirements were:

*See-through so I can see what's inside
*Not too big and not too small

There was a vast selection, and I found ones I felt were the perfect size, but the lids for these had run out (How does that happen?)

Then we saw some more, at knock-down prices.  I felt I was in for a bargain...

To say they were damaged was a bit of an understatement...

Now I'm all for 'upcyling' and finding a new use for damaged goods, but I have to say I'm perplexed by these.  Can anyone suggest any reason or purpose for spending 50p on an enormous, completely broken plastic container?

(And don't you just love the 'Unbreakable' sticker on the (broken) one behind?


  1. Hi Alix,
    :-) Obviously someone in the store has either a sense of humour or is extremely optimistic! x

  2. Ridiculous! Even if they were free who is going to consider them?
    Julie x

  3. Strange how they would try and sell these :/

  4. Ha ha ha!! You wouldn't have thought it would have been worth 10p/50p to pay someone to sit and write the label, would you?! Maybe it could be a modern art statement on today's unbreakable society, broken. I bet you're going to rush back and buy them now, aren't you?!


  5. I agree with Joanna! - the price label would cost more!

  6. so silly, it's a waste to throw things out but I think they're pushing their luck here!

    Lovely to see you today btw, we went to the Church Fair around the corner and I picked up some fabulous fabric, buttons and buckles for a song!!

  7. Hi,I have only just found you and look foward to reading more,but I had to just comment when I saw your DREAM CAR.My Dear Dad had one just the same,I have photos of him with it and think it looks so special,I just wish I had one now,and my Dad.Love Jill xx

  8. Oh that is so funny!
    Bargain broken boxes......he he!