Saturday, 17 September 2011

Turning Japanese

If you've just started humming a somewhat irritating tune 

a) You ARE a child of the 80s 


b) I apologise profusely!

However, it is my sewing that is about to turn Japanese!  Look what arrived in the post last Tuesday...

Some beautiful fabric and a Japanese dressmaking book full of patterns for little girls!

I ordered these late on Sunday night, from 'M is for Make', so you can imagine how impressed I was when they popped through the door on Tuesday.  The website has some great fabrics, as well as Colette, Anna Maria Horner and 'Oliver + S' patterns and lots of Japanese craft books.

I had really wanted the 'Oliver + S' Family Reunion Dress in the smaller size...
...but sadly it was sold out.  Then I saw the Japanese pattern books.  

Comparing the price of the book, with its 24 patterns, to that of the one (albeit lovely) Oliver + S dress pattern, I realised that I'd have to give the Japanese book a spin - each pattern in the book working out at just 75p!

I love this little top...


Actually I'd rather like it scaled up for me!

This dress with its puffy hem is cute...

And I think this little ensemble might be nice in the gorgeous grey fabrics I chose to buy...

M is for Make very handily supplies several pages of key vocabulary translated from Japanese to English to smooth the dressmaker's path.  I have my tracing wheel poised and some salvaged-from-an-Ikea-flat-pack tissue paper ready, and I can't wait to have a good block of time with nothing pressing to do, in order to give one of these outfits my full attention.  Who knows I might even learn some Japanese as I go along!


  1. OH Alix, I hate that song! However I love the look of the book and the yellow fabric. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  2. Hi Alix, I have a friend who sews all these for hare little girl, they are absolutely gorgeous. I love the fabric and will check out their site, Thanks!
    Sophie xx

  3. I'll have to check out that book. Thanks!

  4. Gosh that book looks gorgeous, what sweet little clothes and love your pretty new fabrics exciting!
    have a lovely sunday
    jooles x

  5. What a fabulous book and gorgeous material. Look forward to seeing your creations.
    Carol xx