Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New term, new start

With Miss U-t-B back at school today, it seemed the perfect moment to have a good tidy up in my workroom and settle back into the old routine.

Actually - who am I kidding? 
 There hasn't been any semblance of routine for most of this year, not since we started doing up the flat for Mr U-t-B's eldest daughter way back in January...

...and then Mr U-t-B did his back in...

...and it all went to pot!


I'll re-phrase my opening statement. 

With Miss U-t-B back at school today, it seemed the perfect moment to have a good tidy up in my workroom and try to establish some sort of working-at-home routine.

First I got sidetracked by some empty spaces on the wall and decided to fill them with a couple of bits of cross-stitch.  

This one I did as I awaited the birth of my little girl (who skipped off into Year 10 this morning!  Eeek!  Where did that time go?)  In the revamp of her room earlier this summer, she decided she was a bit grown-up for this...

But I'm pleased to have it in my room till I can (hopefully) pass it back to her for the next generation.

Then there's this one - I call it my spot sampler. (Is that a real term?)  Again, this was done many years ago, all the bits of border, letters and motifs being copied from works or books belonging to my friend Lesley one time I went to stay with her.

Then I put my new noticeboard up in a different place, so I can actually reach it without leaning over the day bed.

Then I got sidetracked into making a bit of mess, finishing off two cushion covers to add an extra bit of comfort and decoration to the day bed.

This one made from an old sofa-back...

...and this one from an old tea-towel...

Day bed corner sorted...

Worktop corner sorted...

Corner by the door sorted...

Sewing table sorted...

Storage alcove sorted...

 (Must get Buffy the dressmakers' dummy a top!)

Airing Cupboard corner...most definitely NOT sorted!

Ah well!  You can't do everything!


  1. the airing cupboard corner, thats my kind of corner!

    I like the printed storage box. I love pretty storage boxes,I bought a butterfly hat box the other week but not blogged about it yet.

    Josie x

  2. Hi Alix, I have been tidying too, and getting side tracked!! I love your cushions, really lovely on the day bed. Wish I had a sewing room, oh well a girl can dream.....hey xx

  3. Hi Alix,

    Isn@t it fun y how we all start to tidy once the children are back to school! I too was full of these intentions yet I am still kind of looking like your airing cupboard corner!
    I have just been enjoying a little quiet!
    Your workspace looks fantastic, a real pleasure to work in,
    Have a happy evening,
    Andrea x

  4. Haha, I was about to say 'damn you' for being so neat, then came the airing cupboard corner - much more my kind of corner.
    My HUGE tidy up starts on Monday when the little one starts nursery. I will need a project to distract me from crying and being silly.

  5. Sweet samplers! The airing cupboard corner can wait for another day, the areas you sorted out look gorgeous.

    My daughter skipped off to Year 10 today as well! OK, maybe not skipped, more crawled, laden down with sports kit, photography projects, far too many books (just in case they were needed, which they weren't). Sadly I too have returned to school (work) so no tidying opportunities for me :o(


  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Your workroom looks like a great space - I'm very envious. Love your new banner too, so pretty. I've got a young man who's gone into Year 10 too. I think this time of year marks time more than any other doesn't it?

  7. Ah yes there is ALWAYS a corner like that, what is that about eh? I have to 'tidy' my office but it's more like throw lots of things out, donate to charity or sell, maybe this weekend ;o)

  8. Oh wow, your cushions are absolutely amazing!