Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This Indian Summer Ain't Fooling Me...

Well, what a day it has been!  One of those beautiful early mornings, slightly misty and tinged with pink and then a brilliant blue sky and pleasant heat throughout the day.  

Personally, I think this came about because I changed my header to one with an autumnal feel and started cosy-ing up to the idea of cooler days and the joys they bring.  

I will enjoy this lovely spell for as long as it continues, but I'm not being sidetracked from a rather enjoyable 'cooler days are coming' task - the hunt for some pretty corduroy. I'm thinking little Sophia has only had knitted pressies from me so far...

From '' - £10.88 per metre
Maybe too bright for her just yet.

From '' - £9.20 per metre
Maybe too sombre.

From 'Favourite Fabrics' on ebay -£7.99 per metre

Neither too bright, nor too sombre, but too pale to be practical?

Liberty babycord from '' - £14.00 per metre
Sweet, but a bit too much green.

Liberty babycord from '' - £14.00 per metre
Too grown-up.

From 'Dragonfly Fabrics' -£14.90 per metre
Ooh yes! Lovely!

From 'Dragonfly Fabrics' -£19.80 per metre
I love random polka dots!

From 'Dragonfly Fabrics' -£19.80 per metre
Gorgeous, but again, maybe impractical.

From 'Fabric Inspirations' -£11.00 per metre
adore this one.  A definite maybe.
(As impractical as the previous one probably, but I've fallen for it, so practicality doesn't enter the equation any more!) 

From 'Fabric Inspirations' -£13.00 per metre

Not my usual style, but I like this and can imagine something funky in it.

These Liberty Kingly Cords are all very tempting...

Liberty Kingly Cord from '' - £13.50 per metre

Liberty Kingly Cord from '' - £13.50 per metre

Liberty Kingly Cord from '' - £13.50 per metre

I have only used one of these websites before (Favourite Fabrics on ebay, who have always given me great service)  but as none of my usual online suppliers have corduroy in stock, I may well use one of these instead.  If the service is anything like as good as I got from 'M is for Make' recently (see this post), I will let you know!


  1. You do right, don't get distracted from Autumn, it won't last, you know it! Pretty fabrics :o)

  2. Thanks for such an inspirational post. I was looking for funky corduroy last year and it was a devil to find! x

  3. Love the fabric inspiration one too, it is my favourite. I ordered amy butler pattern from m is for make, excellent service. Your shed is gunna be fantastic!, love the gorgeous knitted outfit and hat in your last post, you are very clever xx

  4. Oh I likeee the Liberty cord, all rather yummy!
    Can't wait to see what you make

  5. A lovely range of fabrics - I think I want them all!

    Pomona x