Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Windows, patterns and progress

 Yesterday I went on a search for some windows.  The first place I went to was closed, so I headed further afield to a Household Waste Recycling Centre some fifteen miles away, as it is one of the few that has a sales area, then to a sawmill/reclamation yard and finally back to the place I had first gone to, where needless to say I found exactly what I had been looking for all along.

Said windows are now lurking amidst the tatty foliage in the garden until the time comes for them to be put into place and look pretty again.  There will be a reveal, hopefully sometime soon!

Somehow I also managed to find these when I was hunting...

I am particularly taken with the 'Practical Pattern' one - just look at that magnificent collar!

Although this is meant to be day wear, I think it will be recycled as pyjamas, with a bit of adjustment to the flarey-ness of the trousers, and a change to the collar (or its elimination).

But I'd better not think about that just yet, as there is a certain Japanese project to get on with.  I managed to sort out a couple of puzzles yesterday, so am raring to go.  Hence just a short post - sewing is definitely winning today!


  1. I love your window and will look forward to seeing what you will do with it!

  2. love those windows and great pattern finds, they definitely look pyjama-ish.

  3. always such fun shopping at the tip- a couple of weeks ago we came back with 3 boxes of handthrown terracotta flower pots circa 1910s, no cracks no chips, just lots of gorgous mossy verdigris!

    Look forward to seeing what you'll do with the windows