Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Weekend Catch-Up

Hello lovely readers!

It was a busy weekend so I'm only just catching up with myself and sitting down at the attic computer to do this.

Friday evening saw the arrival of our guests, ready for an early start on Saturday to go to Hannah's christening.  Mr U-t-B was in 'genial host' mood and poured beers and wine aplenty, hence a very late bedtime for us all (especially the ones who had to sleep in the sitting room!) Luckily he had also had the breadmaker working overtime, so was able to offer some fab bacon sarnies for breakfast, to get everyone moving after the late night.

 Luckily, the traffic in south-east London was not too bad and we got to the church in plenty of time.

Hannah looked lovely in the christening robe made for her by her grandma,  from what was Hannah's mummy's First Holy Communion dress. My sister-in-law is clearly a girl after my own heart!

Mother and daughter

Three generations

Parents and godparents
 In a rare moment probably brought on by a couple of glasses of pink fizz, I allowed myself to be snapped next to Miss U-t-B, who was keen to have irrefutable proof that she is now taller than me.  I would add that she was wearing big wedges, whilst I was in flatties!

Haircut tomorrow! 
Hannah, in true babies-and-kittens tradition, really enjoyed the wrapping paper round the present...

In addition to the brooch and cushion which I showed you last week (thanks for all the lovely comments!)...

...which was very much admired and appreciated, I also managed to finish the 'Sailing Sweater' in time to hand it over too.

I love its little sailor collar, its snuggly softness...

...and its roll-y-up hems!

I am now onto knitting project number three (another baby knit), and (dangerous though it is) I have bought a knitting magazine with some very tempting adult knits...Mind you, I think I'll need to extend the mortgage to be able to afford the yarn for anything to fit me!  All this baby knitting gets you addicted to seriously pricey, luxury yarns...

I digress!  

We had a lovely sociable time at Hannah's party, with delicious food and pretty surroundings (Hannah's parents having worked very hard to transform the garden of their first home together into something flower- and vegetable-filled).

Later, back at home with our guests, we had another late stay-up, with Mr U-t-B and his siblings indulging in therapeutic trips down memory lane.   Sadly, I was not quite up to the pace of the others and retired to bed, thus missing out on some of the best stories of the evening. 

(Like the one about Mr U-t-B being sent to count the bags of coal being delivered to the school.  {He wasn't at school in Victorian times, honest!} He swears this was because he was the most trustworthy of the children in his class, but I think it may have been the teacher wanting him out of her hair for a while!  In his own teaching career, this memorable occasion lived on as each new school year he used to send a suitable candidate to the store cupboard to fetch some 'black chalk'!)

A lazy Sunday with more bacon sarnies and a walk up to Aldershot Castle followed, then after a lunch of Nigella's meatballs, we said a sad farewell to the visitors so they could head back to Liverpool and Sheffield before the worst of the M1 and M6 traffic made the journey torturous.

So that was the weekend!  Since then, there has been some stitching, a package, the return of three chairs from the upholsterers and a spot of gardening, but I'll save those for another day!


  1. So pleased you had a good weekend. Hannah is gorgeous, and she will look delightful in that beautiful little jumper.

  2. a busy weekend but with lots of lovely memories!

  3. Gorgeous jumper and I love the brooch. What a lovely family you all look too. x

  4. What lovely gifts you made for her, I'm sure she will treasure the brooch and cushion for years to come. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend :) Hannah x

  5. What a lovely weekend,and lovely photo's
    XX MandaXX