Friday, 16 September 2011

The chairs are back!

Some time ago, I was pondering over fabric (you can read about it here) to re-do three chairs that had been lurking around the house for rather too long, two looking shabby and unloved, and one a bit on the niffy side, with horrible fringing.

What I had decided on was Vanessa Arbuthnott's 'Cow Parsley' for the two red chairs...

...but then I realised that the linear design might not suit the chairs (I could only find pictures of it looking stunning as curtains).  So instead we plumped for her 'Plain Dotty', and here is one of the chairs...

I like the way the upholsterer added a bit of shallow buttoning, a nice, elegant touch.

For the fringed chair we had settled on Elanbach's Zennor in blue...

...but when the upholsterer suggested the chair (which turns out to be a fairly unusual Victorian iron-frame) would look super with deep buttoning,  I once again doubted that my choice would be really suitable, so instead chose one that hadn't even been in the running, Elanbach's 'Bouquet Trail' in white-lilac.  

I wanted to use a pattern, and this one, with its delicate colouring, was more subtle, so wouldn't overwhelm the chair, I thought.  And here it is!

I am thrilled with it!  It is so pretty and dainty!  The colour is slightly more lilac-y than it looks here, but not overpoweringly so.  

Look how much better without the fringe - we can see the legs and castors (I do like an original castor...)

A lovely place to sit, surrounded by sewing, knitting and music!

Have a happy Friday and a lovely weekend!

PS  If you need an upholsterer in the north-east of Hampshire/Surrey border area, Herberts Foam and Textile in Aldershot did a great job and have been very helpful!


  1. What a stunning transformation of those 3 chairs.
    Your upholsterer did a marvelous job - I absolutely love the style of the last chair and could spent many happy hours there.
    Bon Weekend

  2. Both chairs look lovely, and I do like to see a bit of leg!

  3. Great choices of fabric for both styles of chair - the newly un-fringed chair is my favourite, it's so pretty.


  4. Alix the transformation is brilliant, and what lovely fabrics you have chosen, it just goes to show what can be done with a bit of expert help. Is that a wood burning stove I spy. I fell deeply in love with one on our hols, it made the room so very cosy and warm, we have no fireplace in our house so it isn't an option here. I am green with envy.

  5. Thanks so much for your comment Alix.....I really love the chairs the fringed one, that was, looks amazing. have a happy weekend
    Sophie xx

  6. gorgeous, gorgeous chairs. At first I thought you had re-vamped them yourself, I was ready to complement you on a good job, and then read on to find you had had them done professionally, they are worth every penny spent.

  7. Wonderful choice of fabrics, your upholsterer has done a lovely job. What a transformation.
    Carol xx

  8. the chairs look delightful- and I share your love of castors!

  9. I love these chairs, they look fabulous!
    I have 2 rather battered chairs waiting for the upholsterers magic wand.....
    I wonder how much your lovely man would charge me?

  10. Great choice of fabric for the chairs Alix, they look super with their new upholstery - I particularly love the deep buttoned back chair with that lovely Elanbach fabric - gorgeous!
    Gill xx