Wednesday, 3 August 2011

One moment in time songs

In my sewing room, the radio (yes, that one!  It hasn't overheated yet!) is almost constantly tuned into Radio 2 these days.  I like its mix of old and new, and the fact that within an hour or so, I can be reminded of a point in time from each of my decades so far (not that I spend all my hours hankering after the past, honest!)

Whilst certain tunes and their lyrics just remind me vaguely of a time in the past, there are some that take me slap-bang to one particular time when that song was playing.  And so it was yesterday  [actually, it was Monday several weeks ago, but I forgot to finish this post!]when I was listening to Ken Bruce's Pop Master quiz and they played the smallest snippet of 'Mississippi' by Pussycat. I was so happily transported back to one particular ride at a funfair at my local football club in the summer of 1976, that I just had to turn the radio off and find a clip of the song on YouTube and wallow.

I have to say this clip was great value.  Did we all look so bored and miserable in those days?  There only seem to be about three people actually enjoying the experience of either playing in a band or listening to them play!  The intense boredom on the face of the guy to the right of the singer is priceless!

Then I had to look at the video of the steamboat that I remembered from TOTP back then, to see if getting to travel the world to make a promotional video cheered the miserable ones up...

That's a no then!

The poor drummer, deprived of his kit looks as if he is about to leap, and the guy playing some sort of zither-y thing (I have no idea about musical instruments) is clearly not prepared to put the gun down...

What songs take you back to a particular moment in time?


  1. You're so right about certain songs evoking very strong memories, like belting out ELO's Mister Blue Sky in my friends living room. Listening to my dad attempting Bohemian Rhapsody, getting ready to go out to the strains of Lloyd Cole and serious dancing to Soft Cell's Tainted Love with my sister, too many to mention really, but all so special. Dad was a big fan of this particular song too.

  2. I too have radio 2 on all day & that song takes me back. Any Showaddywaddy song reminds me of school discos & youth club....happy days! (I know, I'm sad!! LOL)xxx

  3. 'Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep', long hot summer of '76 and it was belting out on the waltzers in Blackpool pleasure beach. My leg was in plaster and there was a freak ladybird cloud up above......ah memories!
    ......last night I heard my mama singing a wee chirpy chirpy cheep cheep!