Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Give a girl a bottle...

...of fabric glue, that is.

And some transformations will take place.

First, a set of drawers - the kind you can buy from Ikea, designed to hold CDs.
Miss U-t-B had bought this two or three years ago and half covered it with 'Deco-Patch' papers, but then got bored.  She's been busy these last few days having an Almighty Clear Out (so big it deserves capitals) and this was one of the things that she wondered if I could use.  Er, that would be a yes!

First I stripped it of the deco-Patch papers, then gave it a coat of that wonderful Annie Sloan paint and waxed it.  Then I covered just the drawer fronts with a very pretty vintage French floral fabric.

It looks lovely with the shoe trees I bought from Tracey of 'The Vintage Bothy'.

Although I love the way it's turned out, I think it will be coming with me to the 'Vintage' fair at The Maltings the Sunday after next, as I really haven't got anywhere to put them!

As I was doing this, the radio was sitting on the cutting mat, looking rather, well, plain.  So that was when I got one of my dafter ideas...

My own Cath Kidston radio!

Mr U-t-B thinks I'm barking mad!


  1. Mr UTB may think you are barking but I think you are very clever. Revamping a radio = genius.

  2. Forgot to ask which fabric glue did you use? Would you share - pretty please.

  3. What great transformations! Love both of them!
    What kind of wax do you on your painted wooden projects?

  4. I think you're cleverly creative! Lovely job!! xxx

  5. Both are fantastic. Would you be able to post a quick how to for the radio?

  6. ha! love love LOVE the radio!

    Like 2b & a b I'd also love to know which fabric glue you use, as when I cover boxes I always seem to get the glue showing through


  7. What fabulous ideas you certainly had the bit between your teeth on these two, they're just gorgeous. Especially like the ditsy floral fabric x

  8. Oh my goodness! I love what you did to your radio. DH would kill me if I did that to my mini stereo but oh how What a shame you have to part with the drawers as they are really pretty.

    I have 3 sets of IKEA drawers and have done this with historic reproduction fabrics. I get so many comments by people about them still. You can see them on my old handwork blog here:
    I now share my handwork on AllMyScatteringMoments as this blog's memory was full.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  9. They look amazing - you are a clever lady!