Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Grand Day Out

It was touch and go yesterday whether I would manage to get to the 'Vintage and Handmade Fair' at Chipping Sodbury, but, dear readers, I am very pleased to say that in the end I made it!  

First I had to get Miss U-t-B organised to get to and from her dancing (1.15-4.30 every Saturday, come hell or high water, as far as she is concerned!) on account of the fact that Mr U-t-B is still pretty much confined to quarters with his probably-prolapsed disc...

Once I'd got her organised to walk there (about a mile and a half) and to get a lift back with the friend we take to Tuesday's dance lesson, I just needed to put oil in the car (Eek!) and fill it with fuel (small mortgage required) before wending my way to the M4, then due west, towards Bristol.

It was a lovely day for a drive - good music playing, the sun shining and not too much traffic.  I arrived about one o'clock, so I may have missed some of the delights that had been available first thing, but not to worry, as everyone still had plenty of treasure on show. There was a lovely atmosphere, with vintage music playing and a happy chatter-y buzz.

Miss U-t-B was uppermost in my mind when I first went in as she'd just texted to say she'd arrived at dancing safely.  I found myself at the stall of 'Vintage Notebook', whose website I had been looking at the previous evening.  When I spotted this notebook...

 ... I knew it had to come home with me!  My daughter is anything but rebellious so far (Ssshhh!  Don't want her getting ideas!) but when she next comes home saying she rolled up her skirt or kept her blazer on when it should have been off (or vice-versa) I shall have to give her this!  It has parts of the story within,  a bookmark made from the spine, plus, of course, some plain pages for notes.  A brilliant idea!

Next I found Sal and Mr Snippets of 'Sal's Snippets' sitting behind a stall stacked full of the most lovely fabrics.  It was great to meet the face behind a blog that I love to read and whose online shop is always worth a visit!  I had a nice chat with both Sal and Mr Snippets, after choosing a couple of purchases - a bundle of bright and cheerful feedsack scraps and one larger piece.

I could easily have gone mad at this stall, but as I am trying desperately to get properly organised with all my sewing bits, I tried to be restrained...

Next stop for me was in front of the gorgeously pink and girly stall of Hen of HenHouse fame, writer of another blog I love to read.  I had my heart set on acquiring one of her sweet brooches. After another nice chat, I finally settled on this one...

I then had a good mooch about. There was so much to look at, so much temptation!  When I spotted these shoes trees, I was smitten...

I am pretty certain these were from Tracey of 'The Vintage Bothy'  (you guessed, another blog I love to read!) as I recognised the jockey's silk from her blog just close by to the shoe trees).  Sadly, Tracey was not there at the time but a nice gentleman took my money.  Ooh er, trust he wasn't just some chancer who spotted his moment!

Suffice to say I had a splendid time!
When's the next one? 


  1. Looks like a great day out!

  2. I'm so glad we met and managed to have a natter!
    The next one is the Vintage and Handmade Textile Fair,
    on Sat June 4th! ;-) x

  3. Unless, of course you can make it to :


  4. What great treasure, glad you had a good day. The notebook is such a clever idea xx

  5. Hi Alix, I am sorry to have missed you, the "Geezer" was Michael my "trainee", I am glad that the trees have gone to a good home, and weren't the notebooks a brilliant idea.
    T x

  6. Phew! Glad the geezer was kosher! Hopefully see you at another one, Tracey!

  7. I was there too on Saturday! I'm ashamed to say I haven't unpacked my goodies yet - there were so many great things weren't there?