Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fools rush in...

Repeat after me...

Never, EVER mess with Picasa!

Yesterday I decided to try to 'tidy up' all the photos on the upstairs computer.  I never have quite got to grips with what goes on when I download photos from the camera.  

First they appear in 'My Pictures'.

Then, as if by magic, they also appear in Picasa.

And I can 'Sync' them to the web and make it easier to put them on my blog.  Sounds straightforward enough.

But sometimes I can't find the photo I want and I'd put this down to the fact that I'm not giving each photo a file name, and sometimes not giving folders proper names too.

So I thought I'd rectify matters.  

I spent a while going through folders and deleting repeated photos, creating new 'albums' and putting photos into those.

Bad idea!

Briefly alighting on my blog, I realised that some of the most recent photos had disappeared.

Scrolling back through, I could see that photos that were in 'folders' or 'albums' (what's the difference?) that I'd tidied were the ones that had gone for a burton.

Several hours later, I've managed to put most of the photos back in, though there are a few that I can't find even now.  I'm hoping I'll find them on Mr U-t-B's laptop instead.  

I've learnt my lesson - name things as I go along and never ever mess with the wise-one, Picasa...

And because a blog post looks naked without any photos, here are some of the ones that had disappeared and are now safe back where they belong...

From 'Reminiscing - My First Car'

This one from 'Sources of Inspiration'
From 'Flea Market Finds'


  1. EEEK, like you I'm rubbish at Picasa and My Pictures and understanding what goes on. I found that having the pics on both just clogged up the computer and made it very slooooow. Anyway, I hope you sort it and find the missing pics. xx

  2. Just looked below and some of the photos have disappeared again! And I haven't been doing any 'tweaking'! What on earth is going on?

  3. Picasa is very scary, when things go wrong which they do quite often, I just shout for my eldest, who is a complete computer genius, goodness knows what i'll do when he moves out...Panic!!!x

  4. haha I leave well alone with Picasa. Once I upload them they stay there in their folders. Sometimes in two different ones at the same time! hahaha.

    But it is useful when putting photos on your blog I agree. :)