Monday, 11 April 2011

My little chip off the old block

After my grand day out on Saturday, it felt a bit self-indulgent to even think about going to a car boot sale on Sunday.  But it was the one I was meant to be going to last Sunday (Mothering Sunday, when I ended up otherwise occupied with the paramedics...) and Miss U-t-B wanted to go too. It was meant to be a Mummy-and-daughter outing, so it just had to be done!

We set off at about 7.20, as setting up is from 7.30 and we didn't want to miss any gems!  Of course, when we arrived, it was already in full swing - I'd love to know what time people really do arrive!  

There were more stalls than I've ever seen there before (there being Nuthill Farm, just outside Guildford, on the A3), maybe because it was only the second one of the season and with the weather so cracking, everyone knew it was a safe bet to clear out yesterday and car boot today!

Of course, you had to look past the mountains of plastic toys, the piles of clothes and the heaps of, well, tat, to find something desirable, but there were goodies to be had if you hunted.

Miss U-t-B and I had a companionable meander round the field.  In the end she spent £11 and I spent £3.50 - probably an accurate reflection of who has the most disposable income!

So what did we buy?

My purchases...

And hers...

Destined to go in a room with the cot she bought at a vide-grenier last year (That's another of her buys that I failed to get a photo of, and it's such an Art Deco beauty too! When Mr U-t-B is back on his feet and we get out to work on his 'project', I'll remember to take a picture of it.) All with her niece (due in June) in mind!

She did buy one more item - a tiny chest of drawers to either paint or 'Decopatch' but I forgot to take its picture.

A bit more detail...

A pack of nursery rhyme Happy Families with cute illustrations...

My favourite is Mary, Mary, even if she is quite contrary.

Miss Muffet's quite nice too!

Little Boy Blue looks as if he's been at the scrumpy, what with those pink cheeks!  I always used to feel sorry for the poor overworked boy, but no more...

Not sure about this Humpty either. I'll let you draw your own conclusions about the contents of
that pipe...

 Hidden underneath the nursery rhyme cards (3 or 4 of each) was an unexpected set of 'Old Maid' cards.  These have different 'professions' on them.

 Female roles are limited to dancer, nurse, cyclist or old maid... Definitely pre-PC.

Who does this look like?

Prince Charles used to model for playing card illustrations it would seem!

Also bagged was a pretty sugar bowl...

A saucer-less cup with a dreamy swans-on-a-river scene... 

An advertising booklet (1920s)...

Great advice contained therein...

My favourite is 'Don't worry over trifles'.  I have a passion for trifle so this tickled me...

 So that was our little jolly! We were back home by 9.30 and ready to tackle all the jobs that had been neglected over the past few days (the shopping, the ironing, the washing to name but three). But those jobs always go with a swing when you've sneaked in a bit of preparatory retail therapy, even if it was at a car boot sale!


  1. What fantastic finds. Those nursery rhyme cards are so funny.

  2. Hi Alix
    I agree, Saturday's I do 2 cb's and come home ready to do loads of jobs.
    I did two fairs this weekend which also obviously got me in the mood and today I did the shopping/housework/sorting stock/framing fabric, the only thing that I didn't do is the ironing, but that is on tomorrows list, with the light mornings and evenings we can fit so much more into a day!

  3. Brilliant! I love everything, & would like to own that book, it's so funny! xxx