Sunday, 17 April 2011

Poppy's Bed

So, the poppies and cornflowers decal gave me an idea.  This would be 'Poppy's Bed' - Poppy being an as yet unmade rag doll.

The bed's ready for her though!

 A quilt from small scraps, in blues and reds, a pretty pillowcase and a lace-trimmed, snowy white sheet (made from an old heavy cotton pilllowcase).

A made-to-measure mattress - old tablecloth on one side...


... and vintage ticking on the other...

 ...with buttoning to keep all the stuffing in the right place!  It is quite worrying how much I enjoyed this!  'Get a life!' some might say! 

But if it's okay for Guy Martin...

 (after all, he made a mattress and waxed lyrical about it) must be okay for me too, Boss!

Hmmm...Looks so snuggly that one of Miss U-t-B's old rag dolls has climbed in!

Don't get too comfy Christina - Poppy's on her way!


  1. Wiah my bed looked like that. Nellie my middle daughter had that dolly bed but I took it to a school I worked in and when I left I didn't reclaim it. Boo. I also left lots of other stuff but I miss the dolly bed, the Betty Spagetti and the Little Tykes building set that my eldest daughter used to love playing with. I just have to be content with the fact that lots of other children have had pleasure playing with them. Oooh just remembered have got a really old dolly bed in the garage that could do with a make over. Another project to add to the large list.

  2. I'd quite happily climb in that bed, if I was small, looks sooo comfy,I love the little mattress xx

  3. It's adorable, I have acquired two or three dolls beds with the intentin of making bedding for them and have never gotten around to it, now I feel inspired!

  4. That's gorgeous - I want it!! It's adorable. Well done! Abby x

  5. Poor Christina will have to find someplace else to sleep when Poppy arrives. The bed is adorable but your mattress and quilt make it so special. I love it all!

    I have a vintage cradle in my living room which I also dressed with a red ticking mattress and quilt made from scrap corners of another small quilt I made. You make me want to have another to do too. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Wonderful. I want a superking size one just for ME! xxxxxxxxx

  7. looks like a bed little dollies would have fun jumping on ...I'm thinking of the song Grandma's feather bed now !