Sunday, 17 April 2011

Method in my madness...

Although I haven't quite completed the woodworking part of my great plan, yesterday I reached the point where I could finally enjoy the fruits of my labours - I have a  den where I can indulge my creative urges without creating havoc and mess all around the house!  Thanks to everyone for their comments about my foray into joinery!  I'm especially liking the thought of a new name - 'Drill Lady'! Tee-hee!

The sewing machine has moved from the dining room table and been placed on an old table in front of the window.  

In the end I hope to get my sewing machine cabinet down from the attic study (it was also given to me by the lovely Sheila, just like the machine).  It will then provide extra (hidden) storage, and will fit underneath the worktop.  This space has acquired a number of boxes and baskets which look rather untidy, but this is only until I build the beefy shelves on the other side of the pillar you can just see on the right.

Now that I've tidied up so much, I can also have the ironing board up when I'm sewing.

This is a real boon as it means it is not in almost constant residence in the sitting room!  Yesterday I made a little quilt which you can see waiting to get its wadding and backing - it was great to have everything to hand as I stitched.

Earlier in the day I had been finding things that would benefit from a coat of the Annie Sloan paint I used for the worktop, shelves and other bits and pieces in the room.

I gave a lick to the lid of the picnic basket ( a car boot find some months ago) then added some vintage decals...

I love the cottage and its garden...

Just wish the (completely unused) contents were rather more 'vintage' than 'retro'...

I also painted an Ikea dolls' bed which used to belong to one of Miss U-t-B's Bear Factory bears.

It also acquired a couple of decals!  
It was these that got me inspired for the little project that I'm about to get on with...

Will post some photos when it's finished!


  1. The little dolls' bed looks so lovely. You've done a good job on your crafting room.

  2. Love the look of your room! Great to have everything to hand and not have to constantly rummage! Good luck with shelves.

  3. I need to sort out my craft stuff it seriously is everywhere in my house and its driving me dotty. You have spurred me on.

  4. The sewing machine by the window is a good idea. Natural light.

  5. So envious of you having a lovely dedicated sewing area - it looks great and totally agree about the joy of always having your iron to hand.