Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Granny's Button Tin

On Easter Sunday, we had a special family get-together (more of that another time). A few chocolate-y items were exchanged, but I was the lucky recipient of this...

My Granny's Button Tin! 

 Actually, it was more of a haberdashery tin, with an exciting assortment of items.  Lots of bits of ribbon and elastic, a little lace, some pastel coloured cord and plenty of glass-y buttons...

...A beautiful filigree and diamante buckle and some prettily-shaped mother-of-pearl buttons, three sweet diamante buttons, a needlecase and a shiny thimble...

...And another little tin (I do love old tins!)

You may think I'm mad, but this was so much better than chocolate!


  1. Certainly don't think you're mad! A lovely little treasure - some gorgeous things! Enjoy! Abby x

  2. My Grandma's button tin was my greatest joy when, as a young child, I visited her . She had such a variety of beautiful buttons.I love buttons and I am sure that's why.
    And...amazingly her surname was 'Button'!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend ;-) x

  3. There's something very exciting about opening a box of treasures like this, especially when it belonged to someone special. You just never know what you are going to find! Love the buttons.

  4. I quite agree! I always remember playing with my nan's button tin and her drawer with everything sewing related in it - I wish it was still around now!

  5. Better than chocolate any day,something to treasure xx

  6. Much better than chocolates indeed! What a treasure box of lovelies ~ just beautiful! Love Brenda

  7. I think it's wonderful!!!! xxx

  8. Yeah I remember having an endless fascination with my mum's button tin as well, still have really.