Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday Memories

Sometimes, even the bad photos are good!
Fuzzy, overexposed images of a holiday in Cornwall when I was six.
Memories flooded back...

We were staying in a tiny cottage with my Dad's twin sister, her husband and our three cousins.  I remember very cramped sleeping quarters - not that it mattered!

Was this a view from the garden?  Sea in the distance.  The washing line was normally full of swimming things...

First family holiday and first time in the sea.

Did we all have those navy blue, white-skirted, sailor-style swimming costumes back then?  Me and my cousin Jocelyn are both wearing one!

Uncle Keith braving the waves in shirt and rolled-up trousers.  Stephen, Jocelyn and Roderick gazing out to sea, trying not to feel the cold.

Sandcastle building.

My sister, brother and I all in matching cardis - did Mum knit these on her machine?

Rolling down hills.

  I remember how us six children would arrive back from our days out and sit down to a tea of white sliced bread and Gales honey.  There was an ad at the time for 'Nimble' bread.  'Six slices a day is the well balanced way', it said.   We all tried to eat six slices each teatime - but we weren't eating those little round slices of Nimble!  Sea air makes you hungry, you know!

Happy days!


  1. They remind me of my childhood photos, we used to go to Newquay, they are so similar, with the cousins & those swimsuits!!! xxx

  2. I had one of those swimming costumes and I loved it. I can remember wearing it in the house and laying on the top of a chair waving my arms and legs around shouting look i'm swimming. I was 22. Only joking I was under 5.

  3. Dear Alix, I just wanted to thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! How thrilled I am to have now found yours, and shall very much enjoy stopping by for visits with you! Thank you so much again! Love Brenda
    PS ~ Yes, I too had a pair of those swimmers ~ even here in Australia! A lovely post!

  4. I remember the cardis and the cossies well and the sand in my sandwiches, sunburn and the inevitable windbreak - those were the days