Monday, 1 August 2011

Sunday decorating

With Mr U-t-B off in Paris, it fell to Miss U-t-B and myself to finish the bedroom revamp we had unwittingly started when we got the new wardrobe/chest-of-drawers thingy last Monday.  

The bedroom was painted pale blue, dating from a brief phase Miss U-t-B went through when pink was a definite no-no.  But now pink is back in with her and she asked if she could please paint her bedroom her favourite colour.  I agreed to one wall, because, quite frankly, I was dreading all the upheaval that painting a whole room entails.  

We went to choose the paint and I was somewhat surprised to find that pink did not mean a delicate shade named something like 'Whisper of Pashmina', 'Fairy Dust', or 'Dreamtime'...

Image from

...but something of a rather bolder nature, with a name like 'Shocking Pink', 'Raspberry Diva' or 'Sexy Pink', none of which I liked the sound of, for obvious reasons!  In the end, 'Raspberry Bellini' was settled upon as a lesser evil...(I'm hoping she doesn't know what they are!)

So it was that we began yesterday morning with this pale blue and rather shabby room, which we'd already stripped of shelves, pictures and paraphernalia...

...and ended with one stunningly pink wall (broken up by the wardrobe, it has grown on me already)...

...and then we got carried away and did the other walls anyway (and the woodwork, of course), 'Vanilla' (and white) this time...

 With the new skills I learnt when I impatiently created my workroom I managed to put up the hooks, mirror and pictures.  It now looks like a room that has half a chance of staying tidy!

Luckily the window treatment works well with the new colour scheme.  Here's what happened a few years back when we couldn't decide which of a particular Globaltex (now Clarke and Clarke) range we liked best...

Dress curtains in 'Dotty' and 'Tilly', blinds in 'Lulu Stripe'!


  1. looks superb & the pink goes well with the curtains well done both of you !

  2. Beautiful work and I love her bed
    Helen xx

  3. What fun to spend time together redoing your daughter's room. Changes are fun and seem to recharge us. Love the color but it showed up red for me. But I love pink and red. :-)

    The curtains are beautiful. Did you make them yourself? I have to get started on two Roman blinds for our bedroom. One I have done since one I made for our other house ended up being just the perfect size and I had bought way too much fabric at the time. I love how you combined the polka dot and floral with the curtains.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. Beautiful room! I love the pink color and the window treatments! Followed you here from Heidi's Make Do & Mend.

  5. It's all looking lovely! I love the bright pink wall and your curtains are just perfect.
    Happy decorating!
    Andrea x

  6. that looks so pretty, i love reading paint colour names, some of them are hilarious. My daughter (who is 19) chose pink too..flamingo...yes it was quite bright! but very pretty.
    I love the curtains and blinds
    jooles x

  7. You always seem to cram so much into a short space of time. The pink looks stunning and how lovely to have a mother daughter session like this.