Friday, 19 August 2011

Favourite Thing on a Friday

Thanks for all the comments on my last post - you have spurred me on to go ahead with the dresses, using that pattern.  I can always make something trendy another time (sewing and knitting for little ones is such fun!) 

And because I have been considering fabric purchases, today my favourite thing is

Liberty Tana Lawn.

I loved it when I was a teenager (though I couldn't afford it very often...) and I love it now.  

I remember going up to London on the train when I was fourteen, with my best friend Amanda.  (Yes, alone - we did things like that in those days!)  Although she didn't sew, Amanda loved Liberty designs too, especially the Art Nouveau ones .  So we wandered over Waterloo Bridge and headed for Regent Street to go and worship in the most beautiful shop in the world.

I can't remember if I bought any fabric that day, but I do remember spending ages looking and feeling all the delightful 'stuff'.  One of the wonderful things about their iconic designs is that if you can't afford it at that particular moment, you can come back a year, five years or a decade later (when you have saved up the pennies) and the design is likely to still be available.

Over the years I have splurged on a few different designs...

'Pepper' in purple, for a simple blouse...

'Claire-Aude' in pale blue, for a skirt (which got turned into the first baby dress here)...

And this one, which was a top and skirt - now recycled into a baby dress and clothes for a rag doll...

Nowadays, a trip up to London is no longer essential, and I anticipate buying the fabric I require through the marvel that is the internet.  Normally it's good to feel the fabric and see the colours, but I know what Tana Lawn feels like, and I'm sure that any colour palette chosen by Liberty will please me, so the internet it is!

I have been browsing  and these are the fabrics that I am trying to choose between...








How will I ever decide?  

Do pop over to Mimi and Tilly and see what other people's favourite things are today!


  1. Ooooh those fabrics are all so lovely - I would have great difficulty deciding too.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Leah x

  2. Beautiful fabrics. I love the Liberty store in London too. It is always one of my first stops when I'm in Londond visiting friends. All of the fabrics are beautiful but I love Wiltshire the best I think. I'm glad you like my knitted squares! Em x

  3. I could get lost in Liberty. When I had my design knitwear shop, a client always brought in lengths of Liberty fabric from which she made skirts for children from and then for the top portion she knitted contrasting sweaters. Often time she would knit a tank style top and attach it to the skirt portion and voila a stunning little girl's dress.
    Thanks for reminding me of this

  4. That brings back memories. My mum used to have a wholesale/retail fabric business in a small village and Liberty was very expensive here in Canada. So our customers had to order their yardage from a tiny sample book. I loved when the orders came in:)

  5. Such hard decisions, I can never choose either - it's all far too tempting.

  6. Love Liberty fabrics, they feel so gorgeous. I like Felicite and Wiltshire. Now you've got me thinking, I must have some tucked away in a box somewhere, must go and find it. Lesley x

  7. Ah the memories.... I used to work for Liberty of London in the concession shop they had in the Debenhams Southampton store.
    We received a piece of fabric twice a year to make something to wear as uniform. Tana Lawn in summer and Veruna wool in winter.
    I can see some old favourites in the Tana Lawn you picture here.

  8. Gorgeous fabrics. I love the rag doll too. I makes dolls and often adapt clothes for them. I found your blog through Mimi and Tilly, so am going for a look around now. x

  9. Tatum is my favourite!

    I ADORE Liberty and recently introduced my 14 year old daughter to it - she informed me she is going to furnish her home with the contents of Liberty (!).

  10. Liberty is my most favourite shop in the world.
    I love the creaky stairs and galleries.
    There's nothing better than stroking all that yummy fabric.........sigh!