Monday, 26 March 2012

Babies, Bumps and Barbecues...And a Giveaway Winner!

Hard to believe it is still March, with the weather being better than a normal day in the school summer holidays, and us having celebrated yesterday with an altogether unheard-of-in-March barbecue.  

All of Mr U-t-B 'babies' were there - that's his four children, plus associated partners and of course, Sophia...

The 'bump' was there too, prettily hidden beneath a pretty, vintage-style teadress, third from the left.

Sunglasses, short sleeves or sundresses were almost universally adopted. 

Mr U-t-B was having a bit of bother with his glasses...

Time for a new pair, methinks!  (AGAIN!)

Sophia managed to maintain her good humour, in spite of being parked down the path by the bins!

She was clearly of a mind to acquire herself a decent pair of sunglasses...


Sophia's Daddy seemed to be contemplating a new career in hair design...

Anyhow, we had a lovely, impromptu time, even if it was preceded by a little bit of hard graft in the garden to tidy up the bits that had come back for the allotment and pieces of wood that came from our roof when we had some of it re-done around Christmas.  Those bits of wood are likely to be recycled into another shed - watch this space!

In the evening I was going to draw the Giveaway winner.  

But those little minxes - Millie, Tilly and Posy - had got themselves so over-excited with the outdoor-sy weather, the visitors, the barbecue and the anticipation of the 'Dancing on Ice' final (them being big Jorgie fans) that after I'd rounded them up from the garden...

Millie from the tub of rather sparsely flowering grape hyacinths,

Tilly from the dizzying heights of the ornamental vine on the shed,

And Posy from my 'Boxy Box', which she'd climbed right through and popped out the top of, like a meerkat out of its hole...

...That they were all packed off to bed early (And no 'Dancing on Ice' final for them at all!)

They were in a contrite mood this morning, so meekly   got on with the task in hand.

 Posy and Tilly in the hat,

Millie commanding from above.

Soon two names had been drawn...

Jill who wins the main bundle, and Jooles for the runners-up prize and surprise.

Thanks to everyone for entering - I wish I could send you all a little something!  
I'll try and wish you all some of this wonderful sunshine instead!


  1. Poor Mr U-t-B, looks like he needs to go to Specsavers. It is hard to believe it's still March but yesterday was just perfect for a BBQ. Those mice are very cheeky, congratulations to your winner.

  2. Congratulations to your winners - I'm getting lots of your promised sunshine so thank you!

    We had a family get together yesterday too and enjoyed the afternoon in the garden. You've got to make the most of it in the UK, eh?! Sophia is SO GORGEOUS!


  3. OOOOoooooh my goodness...thank you so much x
    I am beside myself with happiness!
    looks like you had a perfect family day, little Sophia is an angel.
    have a lovely week and a million thank you's
    love jooles x

  4. Congratulations to your lucky winners. It looks like you had a fabulous day! Love Katie xx

  5. What sweet little mice, even though they were a bit unruly....
    Sophia is just gorgeous! Looks like you had a lovely family time - men and glasses, my hubby has 4 pairs of reading glasses for reasons best known to himself....

    Well done to the winners!

    Gill xx

  6. Impromtu is good, especially when there's a barbecue involved. Glad you enjoyed your weekend and let's hope the sun stays shining.

  7. Oh Alix I am so excited to win one of your giveaways thank you so much.I have tried to get your email address and my computer wont seem to let me,is there another way I can get my address to you sorry to be a pest.Love Jill xxx

  8. The " Shall we have a BBQ ?" words were uttered by hubby as I predicted ! But in the end we didn't just got a lot of clearing in the garden done before he disappeared sailing !
    I adore your little mices even if they are a bit naughty.
    Lovely family photos.

  9. Congratulations to all your winners! Looks as though you all had a wonderful day.

    Wish you many of those days in the future.