Friday, 23 March 2012

Folksy Friday

This week we have had a fair few blue sky days and the garden is beginning to burst forth.

Tiny tête-à-tête daffodils...



The pansies that were revived by liberal sprinkling of ant powder last autumn...


All fairly run-of-the-mill, but so welcome all the same!

So, in spring flower mode, I had a little hunt round Folksy.

I found this lovely choker

From 'Dancing Dragonflies'

This felt auricula brooch
(I adore auriculas, but all of mine seem to have disappeared!)

From 'Lupin Handmade'

And this Spring Garden Charm Bracelet, which I think would be a lovely non-chocolatey Easter present...

From 'Birdie's'

Then I got round to listing something new in my shop! Wonders will never cease!

This week I have been trying to recycle a load of magnets Mr U-t-B brought back from work.  He'd been clearing out old computers, salvaging what was useful, taking other bits to an approved contractor and making sure all the data was destroyed by cutting the metal disks in half.  Here are the magnets, about 40 of them I reckon...

They are amazingly strong, in fact I have to get a screwdriver out to lever them apart!

Anyway, here's what I did with some of them...

Used my 'Clover' small, flower-shaped yo-yo maker, scraps of felt and fabric and vintage buttons to make  flowers...

Created a little felt pocket for the magnet and made a decorative board magnet...

Then I wanted something different, so headed down my 'ooh-I-love-cottages' route, to produce these...

Wisteria and Rose Cottages

...which are now listed on Folksy.

Hope everyone is going to enjoy a blast of sunshine this weekend.  
And just in case you missed it, my giveaway ends this Sunday, the first day of British Summer Time!


  1. Love the brooches - very pretty. The photograph of forget-me-nots is beautiful.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Tete a tete are my absolute favourite little rays of spring sunshine.
    Super little magnets you have made & found some very pretty gifts too.
    Thanks for your lovely comment x

  3. Hi Alix! I do love seeing the first blooms of the spring. We have things coming up all over but also some frost damage. Did you loose any plants when we had the extreme cold this winter?

    I also was drooling over the bobbinlace you had in your last post. I made lace myself and these are some beautiful pieces. I am working on a piece that will take forever. I get about 1-1/2 inches done after working all afternoon on it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. I love all the magnets Alix, they are so pretty. The primroses are gorgeous and so are the forget-me-nots. Px