Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Day of Ups and Downs

Even if it is only midday!

And can I write a post about it in the fifteen minutes whilst the watercress soup is ready and before I have to go to work? Let's see...

The day started off with a trip to the allotment, to remove our last bits and pieces.  We have reluctantly decided to give it up, as since Mr U-t-B's back problems and surgery last year, we have not managed to get back on top of it, and with him about to be away for the better part of three weeks, we weren't going to manage in the foreseeable...We were both sad to do so, but the waiting list is long (we took it on over ten years ago, when they were practically begging people to take one - how things have changed!)

I will especially miss creating our scarecrows...

...watching sunflowers gallop to full height...


...and eating sweetcorn, chard, spinach, purple-sprouting broccoli  and rhubarb of our own (along with many other things)...

What we picked up was mostly rubbish, so down to the dump we headed.  Serendipity!

Look what I found...

One very grubby sewing caddy...

...full of all sorts of tangled messes, now much improved with a damp cloth,

 a bit of polish and elbow grease!

At the bargain price of £2.72 (because that's what we had on us!)

Then I went to Farnham and put in my acceptance and payment for this year's 'Vintage'...

...then cruised by one of the local charity shop depots and finally got round to volunteering (inspired by Penny at  The Hen House who has great fun at her local charity shop).  Looking forward to my first stint next week!

And finally, got a lovely phone call from a lady who saw my 'stuff' (as I call it) at the Christmas Fair I did, and took my number because she had some embroidery, lace, thread and bits and pieces to give me.  Whoopee-do!

Better go and wolf down some soup now!


  1. Love the sewing box - and to think it still had bits and pieces inside! Shame about the allotment, hope hubby's back improves.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. Most of the bits were only fiT for the bin, but there were some machine bobbins and a few bits that I have put back in the basket, because I think they should stay together! I shall probably sell it, as I really have no room for it.

  2. Well that sounds like a splendid day so far, especially the sewing box!

  3. Shame you have to give up your allotment - hopefully, you can downsize and grow some in your garden?
    Super dump find - I managed to pick up a load of garden fence paint and a little garden table this week for a couple of pounds. M x

    1. The dump is definitely worth a quick scoot around!

  4. What a brilliant find, it's lovely when you find a bargain. How kind of that lady to give you all those bits and pieces too. Excellent.

  5. Great find with the sewing box - and with stuff still inside!
    What a shame about the allotment - but I can imagine they are time consuming as well as hard work (if my small back garden veg plot is anything to go by!)
    That fair looks fun!

    Gill xx

  6. Sorry you had to give up your allotment but digging not good for someone with a bad back (as I well know!)
    The sewing box was a great find and how kind of that lady to take the trouble to contact you and give you her sewing bits.
    Carol xx

  7. Love the sewing box you lucky lady,sorry you are having to give up the allotment I would love one but we dont have any in our village and they are hard work but enjoyable and rewarding.Hope you are wellLove Jill xx