Friday, 9 March 2012

Folksy Friday

In an attempt to organise myself into regularly updating my Folksy shop, I thought I'd nominate Fridays as 'Folksy Friday', a day when I share a few lovely finds from there as well as something new I've put in my shop.  But today, I'm failing on the listing front, for one reason AND another, but I'm still going to share some lovelies!

Firstly this...

From Of Life and Lemons

...who also produce this...

Of Life and Lemons

...and many another cool print.

Then I am rather in love with this bunting...

From Peony and Thistle

...who also make this bunting...

From Peony and Thistle

...and many other cute things from rescued books and paper items.

Then, because I just got a new phone (a Blackberry, in an attempt by my family to make me carry and use such a thing...) I was looking for a case for it, but instead stumbled upon this...

From Antelope Designs

...who also make this...

From Antelope Designs

...if you're more of a strawberry kinda gal!

Meanwhile, my shop still has  one 'Beach Huts and Bunting' Needlecase, in case the promise of two weeks of sunshine and warmer weather are making you dream of the seaside...


Thanks to everyone for the encouraging and helpful comments on my seasons of cross-stitch!  I am working my way through autumn now, and then I will carefully be choosing some different colours for the lettering.


  1. oh this is how my Friday has gone I have no idea how it got to 4pm and I've achieved very little, not even blogged but I will shortly.

    As for a blackberry case a handy lady like yourself can surely make your own!

  2. Lots of lovely things!
    I love the needlecase
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. I know how you feel poor shop has been empty for ages, I really need to motivate myself. Your needlecase is gorgeous, and I love that print with the ship.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    lily x

  4. what a fabulous collection of goodies...just love the blackberry hat!
    happy weekend
    love j x

  5. Love the prints and the bunting.

  6. Oh I do like the first bunting - so simple but so effective.

  7. Oh those hats! I think I'm a strawberry girl.