Friday, 30 March 2012

More Ladybird Nostalgia and a Friday Fabric Fest

As I cut up another couple of Ladybird books (I feel bad saying that, but they were not going to grace anyone's bookshelves again, given their outer state, and at least they haven't been pulped!), I couldn't help but think that some of the images beg for new captions.

Peter couldn't contain his excitement on seeing it was cornflakes for breakfast again.

As Mother and Jane departed for some 'retail therapy', Father  smiled bravely and waved goodbye to both them and his bank balance.

What do you think for this one?  Note sinister-looking lady at shop door, holding large wodge of cash...

This week has seen quite a bit of fabric arriving in the house.  (Well, Mr U-t-B is away - what would you do?)   You can see some of it in the background up there - perfect for this year's spirit of patriotic fervour and London-love.  It's from Makower's 'I Love London' series - I got mine online at Cotton Patch, just in the nick of time as it is currently mostly out of stock with them.  (Creative Quilting - who I've only just discovered via the marvels of Google, seem to have a big range still, however.)

Here are the others I indulged in (just a lickle bit of each, Mr U-t-B, if you're reading - cost less than a couple of bags of cement...)

And they combine so well...

You get the picture!

I also bought some fabric to create outfits for Miss U-t-B and me for the vintage fairs.

Polka dots and cherries for her...

Plus more polka dots for the contrast...

And this for me (from 'The Eternal Maker' with the same super fast delivery I experienced last time I used them!)

This also seems to have sold out now - I'm such a trendsetter!

I got this pattern for Miss U-t-B...

McCalls 6332

...with the intention of making the dress, which I think she'll actually get some use out of in the summer (if we have one this year.  That's the problem about having such lovely weather now - sometimes we end up looking back at the end of winter and thinking 'Oh, THAT was our summer!')

I got this pattern for me - it's quite 'suity' in the main picture but I hope it will work with the fabric I've got.  I thought the assymetric detail would look nice and vintage.  We'll see!

Butterick 5281


  1. Super bunting ! Yes we get a lot of money for the recycling bags which we call our " specials " our code for bin it - but would NEVER put Ladybird books in !
    I think the caption is,
    Jane was very pleased with her new grown up hat. Mother said, "Look there's Daddy" and handed him the receipt with a nervous smile.

  2. oooooh i'm drooling here looking at all your FABULOUS fabric! oh and its so much prettier than cement :o)
    love the patterns and can't wait to see the finished are so clever, i could never atempt clothing.
    loving my new reading material...thank you so very very much x
    have a super lovely weekend
    love jooles x
    P.S im off to have a look for some of that gorgeous fabric :o)

  3. again!
    just popped back to say that i have just bagged myself some of that gorgeous fabric!
    love j x

    1. I'm not normally keen on leading people astray, but I know you will make very good use of what you have bought! Hope it arrives quickly, and we get to see it on your blog!

  4. You are very bad, I'm trying not to click on the links! Lovely material though. I was really 'jammy' recently when there was a code for £5 on ebay. I bought a metre of Union Jack material for 70p (the cost of postage!) Also we have a chap on the market selling Liberty samples for less than a fiver a metre. My friend has downloaded some lovely free patterns from, she says they are really good.
    Look forward to seeing your and your daughter's new clothes
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Carol xx

  5. Me again - recommended by my friend
    Carol xx

    1. Will be heading over there - thank you for that!

  6. "Ha, saw them coming!" smiled the shopkeeper to herself!

  7. Hi Alix,I have just sent you another email hope you receive it.Love Jill xx

  8. Love the look on the shopkeeper's face - brilliant! Fabrics are fab!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Gorgeous fabric, love the red with crowns, might even have to be led astray myself. I adore the pattern at the bottom, can't wait to see it complete!

  10. Well all you girlies may think those fabrics are pretty - but are they as durable as a slab of well mixed concrete???? Mr UTBs

  11. A post about fabric is always a good thing:) Love the one with the teapots.

  12. Hi Alix,

    Just popped over from Joole's blog - I love your Brisith London themed fabrics, I really might *need* to invest!! Looking forward to reading more of your blog now I've found it,

    Jenny x