Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Spring - of a sort - is here!

Well, it might be blowing a hoolie out there, with intermittent lashing rain and a chill that may be the weather, or may be my cold, but inside, at least, Spring has arrived.

In the way of many of my makes, most of it was finished some days back, but I noticed an error and dithered for days about whether to correct it or not.  In the end I did correct it, as the mistake was that I'd made poor 
wife-y shrink by two stitches!  She may have had a baby, but that normally makes one grow outwards, not shrink downwards!  

So Spring has the requisite sheep baaing away beneath a blossomy tree...

A bluebird atop the birdhouse and a bunny flashing his tail...

The happy family, with junior in the crib, and wife-y now restored to full height.  Before it looked more like a battle-axe mother-in-law had come to stay!

Sorry for the fuzzy photos, I'm a wee bit wobbly at the moment!

So Winter is complete...

Summer and Spring are finished on the picture front and Autumn is now under way...

I remembered to finish the basket with the bird on top, and the birds wheeling in the sky overhead

Am thinking a few Spring flowers might be a pleasant addition.
Funny how it's easier to notice omissions 
once the photo is on screen than on the real thing. 

That's better!

This will be Autumn

But what I can't decide is whether to do the lettering and the dashed border-bit in the same colours as Winter, or slightly different for each one.  Any ideas?


  1. A really lovely design, very clever to see the scene changing through the year. Is it your own? The addition of the Spring flowers finished it off perfectly. I do love sheep.
    I'm not sure whether you would want the same or different lettering. First I think - "yes" pulls all the pictures together. Then I think - "no" they need to be different. Not much help am I? Sorry.
    The couple are the same as in a chart I recently purchased. It is our Silver Wedding next month and it is perfect for me to make for DH, not sure if it will be a card, picture or small pillow though.
    I bought two cross stitch books at our Wednesday 'tat' market earlier - 50p each! Very happy with them.
    Carol xx

    1. Sadly, I can't claim much of a hand in the design - the winter and autumn are from a French magazine my husband brought back for me from his recent ski trip, and I have then sort of invented my own spring and summer to go with them, because I wanted to have the whole year and don't know if the others will be published! The designer is 123 Citrouille, who has a blog.

  2. I was just saying on a post t'other day that I am not a huge fan of cross stitch (in a 'in my very limited experience of attempting it' kind of a way)but these are making me rethink that somewhat hasty declaration.
    These are truly lovey. The addition of the spring flowers was genius so I think you should go with your instincts on the autumn dilemma.
    Ali x

  3. i've never done cross stitch, it's never appealled to me, but i do love your work, it's so cute! I'd go for different colours, but thats just cos i like to be different :)

  4. Gorgeous cross stitch Alix, I would go for different colours on each season as I do like to mix things up a bit, the different shades could reflect each season.............I would even be daring and add a little snowy sparkle to winter.........whatever you decide it will be beautiful when finished...............still plodding on with mine, enthusiasm is begining to wane a little, there are so many blue shades in that there sea. x

  5. So so pretty. Not something I would ever have the patience for, but the design is gorgeous. Winter is my favourite, but I do like the blossom for Spring.

  6. They look really nice. I do not do cross stich myself, but my mam did quite a lot.
    Why not get some more autum colours like rust orange and yellow? Looking forward to see it finished.

    Thank you for sharing

  7. How funny ! My mother has shrunk a quarter of an inch ! How sweet that wifey had a baby !!
    Ummm ummm not sure sorry probably the same.

  8. Different I think, I also think I am shrinking...or is my daughter just growing? x

  9. Adorable designs! I have never seen these. Loves the bumble bees in summer. :-)

    It would depend on what are you planning to do with them as to colors. You could go with shades that work very well together but still indicate the season.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  10. Its lovely Alix - so pretty, and even though none of us would have noticed the small error it would've niggeld at you - i've always found its best to correct unless you can turn a mistake into a positive thing!

    The addition of the little flowers makes it even prettier. The whole set are going to look gorgeous - I must admit these traditional folk style sampler style cross stitch patterns are my favourite - there are so many awful and twee cross stitch designs out there which I think sometimes gives it a bad name, but these are just perfect.

    Re the lettering - maybe when you've finished all 4 you will see the answer? Each one different to go with the seasons colours, or all the same to link them? Decisions!!


    Gill xx

  11. I really like all the seasons. Don't ask me to make a decision, for goodness sake. I can't even decide what to put in my sandwich! Whatever you decide, it'll look gorgeous.