Sunday, 4 March 2012


There seems to be an air of confusion and befuddlement round here just now.

One day it is Spring and you can go for a walk with just a cardi on (well - AND other clothes, you understand, but no coat needed); the next it is snowing hard and it's only down to the fact that it had previously been lashing down with rain that it hasn't settled and put us into one of the usual 'snow south of the Midlands equals chaos' situations.

One day, you previously flu-ridden husband is bouncing back nicely along the road to health; the next he is pole-axed again, lying in bed, asleep most of the day in between violent coughing fits.

Even the 'makes' are having an identity crisis.  Take a Mollie Makes mouse pattern...

...and decide to make it a tad more seasonal.  Rabbit, I'm thinking.

Beaver away for far too long (it says you can make a whole family in an afternoon - only if you're Ms SuperSewist I say) and you end up with...

...a rabbit called Piglet, who has a little bit of giraffe flowing through her veins...

Oh dear - will she ever forgive me for making her turn out like that?

Ah well, she's quite cute anyway, but I doubt she'll ever have brothers or sisters...

I'm just wondering what the chicken currently a-roasting in the oven is going to taste like...


  1. So freaky the weather I know I went out without a coat in the week, and today I look outside and it's SNOWING! Too strange.

    We missed you at the Maltings yesterday, I got a couple of nice jewellery finds :o)

  2. oh rabbit is cuuuuute!! its blowing a gale here!!

  3. Oh Bless Rabbit / Piglet ! so sweet and so seasonal ! Wrap up / don't wrap up ? I'm at a loss too. I guess ANYTHING GOES these days !

  4. Wow! That is nothing like our weather. All weekend, I wore just a poncho outside. We even spent some time in the morning sun cleaning up the terrace at Cranberry Cottage before driving back home. Yesterday was a strange mist all day though.

    I love MollieMakes and the mice are adorable but your Piglet is too sweet for words!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  5. Your rabbit or piglet turned out lovely, I have not seen a Mollie makes magazine here.

    As for the weather, it is mild for the time of year but all this rain...... I can never get used to it. Anyway it's better than being snowed in.

    Enjoy your brand new week.

  6. I couldn't agree more re the weather - most strange! As for your make, I think she's lovely! I love the flowers on her.

  7. I know the weather is really strange at the moment,and as for your cute little girl,you so made me giggle Alex,here's to more makes ,hope you have a lovely week
    XX Manda XX

  8. I really rather love piglet, rabbit, roo! in a squiffy kind of way, he for sale :-) i am so cheeky I know!! xx