Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Last call for the giveaway and some little lovelies

Look at these that I purchased from the charity shop a few weeks back...

They had been sent back from one of the shops where they hadn't sold, so they were already priced, which meant I didn't feel remotely guilty about nabbing them before they got sent on to a different shop! 

They are not my usual style, but I just love them!

(They are Elizabethan 'Carnaby', in case you want to know.)

Anyway, this post is really just serving as a final reminder that a certain small Miss will be drawing names out of a hat sometime after lunchtime today!  So if you are interested but have not 'signed up' with a comment, hop along here before midday today!


  1. I love those tea-cups and saucers too - wonderfully retro! What a brilliant find :)


  2. Love your blog; just found it and am happy, happy, happy!

  3. So happy I found your blog! Thank you; you have made my day! Jeanie

  4. These are my absolute favourite retro cups....fab find! :) x

  5. They made me think of the flower patterns on vintage sheets!

    Maybe they were MEANT for you!!

  6. They are very pretty ( yes just like 70s sheets ! ) we get a lot of retro pottery at the charity shop & I love hearing customers' comments when they recognise pottery their mums had.

  7. These are lovely! Well spotted!
    Gill xx