Friday, 24 May 2013

Mini Rag Bag Rescue

You may remember my Sarah Moore bunnies from a while back.  

They have all headed off to new homes, thereby making a nice little sum for the hospice. 

The loveliest thing happened after I posted them on here - Sarah Moore herself left me a comment!  

Anyhow, bunnies made, there were still lots of bits of soft and snuggly cashmere jumper bits left over.

I decided I would use a simple pattern.  Luckily I found a great one in the blog 'Rhythm and Rhyme' - the Seriously Cute Mouse, which you can find here and make some pocket pets.

It proved to be a bit of an addictive pursuit!

Very soon my work room was practically teeming with little characters.

Mice with long tails...

Then the mice morphed into bunnies with twinkly eyes...

...and little birdies who chirruped away...

Little scraps of Liberty fabric got thrown into the mix 
(I can almost never throw scraps of Tana lawn away!)

You may recognise this bunny from the pair of shorts made from a rescued baby cord skirt.

Apart from the cashmere jumpers, I also used grey flannel fabric from another 'Rag Bag Rescue' pair of shorts.

Well, those kept me out of trouble for a while! 
Quite a few have already sold, making a few more pennies for the charity shop.   At the shop, I'm pleased to say they now save me any likely candidates for my shrinking techniques!

I've still got some good pieces of felted jumper left and I found a fab pattern from the French pattern makers, Citronille.  Will bring you the results once I get round to making them...


  1. Just like the bunnies, these are quite brilliant, and to think they make a bit of money for the Hospice just makes it complete, well done Alix.

  2. Love them! Especially the birds and the mouse in the pocket.
    Glad they are selling so well, such a good idea for a great cause.
    Carol xx

  3. They are wonderful, and great to be helping a cause too! :) x

  4. These are LOVELY! I've just popped over to Rhythm and Rhyme to look at the tutorial but I love the way you've adapted it to make all sorts of different creatures. Good work x Jane

  5. They are all so GORGEOUS! Well done for making them to raise much needed funds for your charity shop.


  6. Alix they're so cute, I love their little tails and such a worthy cause too. Sarah x

  7. Oh the last little mouse peeking out of the pocket is just so sweet !
    They are all gorgeous.

  8. Love the little mouse....ciao Alison

  9. They're adorable - so snuggly looking. I'm not surprised they're being snapped up for new homes straight away