Friday, 3 May 2013

When Spring-Cleaning Goes Mad


It started with a little improvement in the weather, just enough nice-looking days to get cracking on painting the windows.

'Painting' then turned into major renovations inside and out - staff and parting beads off, new sash cords all around, sashes out, filling, sanding, replacing all the panes with minor damage.  (You understand that this is mostly what Mr U-t-B has been doing, not me.  I paint, and am capable of the filling and sanding bits (though quite frankly, I'd rather not) but the rest is a mystery to me!)  

The kitchen window...

The dining room bay...

Miss U-t-B's bedroom bay...

But once the kitchen window was finished it made the room look, well, grubby.  A bit of a spring-clean would sort it, surely?  Sugar-soaping the ceiling certainly made a difference, but once you've sugar-soaped,  you might as well give it a quick coat of paint, mightn't you?

The whiter-than-white ceiling just made the two papered walls look irrevocably tired.  Good thing I'd already been hunting for a replacement!

Bye bye Laura Ashley wallpaper.  You were nice and easy to live with, but I now want something with a bit more impact, and a little brighter.

Two loooonnnggg afternoons of wallpaper stripping followed, then an ideal opportunity to show Mr U-t-B that while he may be Mr Handyman Extraordinaire, I have earned my stripes in the decorating department.  Whilst he went out to watch 'Iron Man 3' (which he correctly predicted I would have no desire to see) I cut, pasted and shoved the new wallpaper up like someone out of  '60 Minute Makeover' (only with a slighlt more generous time frame, owing to the lack of minions to help).  

By the time he returned from the cinema, the papering was mostly done, and I was sitting, still a little damp from a shower, trying to pretend I'd done nothing more taxing all evening than flicking the clicker for the telly. I suggested a cup of tea would be nice, and then was rewarded with a 'Bloody hell!' that let me know he was suitably impressed with the speed of the transformation.

Of course the woodwork then needed doing...

Hello Sanderson's 'Fleur Trellis'.  We all agree that this is lovely and cheery!
Woodwork in Barley White from Dulux

Photo courtesy of

And the two walls that don't have wallpaper on them...

Walls in Wild Primrose by Dulux

Sanding the floor is 'on the list'.  I know we should have done this first, but hey...

So, unexpectedly, we end the week with a much cheerier kitchen.  And two more rooms that look in need of an update on account of being next door to the kitchen.  Where will it stop?


  1. Wow you have been busy. I have been busy putting off painting the newly plastered bathroom ceiling as I know one pot of paint will lead to another. I hope you get chance to put your feet up on this Bank Holiday weekend. Sarah x

  2. I'm not a wallpaper fan, but I absolutely love the one you used. Your whole kitchen looks brand new!

  3. Lovely wallpaper...and I like the paint colours you've used. We are about to do our kitchen and I have no idea what colour to use.

  4. Very pretty! Thanks for showing us around! I need to get to work on my kitchen!

  5. When you've finished yours will you help me do mine......?
    It looks wonderful. Funny we have Laura Ashley paper in our kitchen to.........Yellow vertical stripe and Wild Primrose colour paint!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. What a brilliant chain of events! It all looks fab, great choice of wallpaper etc. I love the light above the breakfast bar.


  7. Lovely! Very bright and fresh - well done! Have a well-earned weekend. x

  8. Wow - you have been a very busy bee! Your kitchen looks really fresh - well done you x Jane

  9. Your husband is one to be treasured and obviously meticulous in the care he takes over painting etc.

  10. Looks lovely Alix ... My kitchen is LNG overdue for a makeover !

    Love Claire xxx

  11. Fab U Lus Dahling ! It looks gorgeous.

  12. Looking good! Mr Bea hates when I say "Let's just...." Because he knows it will turn into something much bigger! ::) x

  13. Alix it looks lovely,all fresh and clean.I must get round to doing our kitchen Iv been putting it off for ages now but it must be done.Love Jill xx

  14. all that work certainly paid of - it looks

  15. haha, I just did a post about spring cleaning my kitchen but I didn't go that far!!