Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sew and Tell Saturday

It's been ages since I've remembered to post something in the way of dressmaking here, but I have finally got myself organised to do so!  I've actually done quite a lot of dressmaking recently, which may well be something to do with 'The Great British Sewing Bee', which I really enjoyed.  

Ann, the deserved winner, was an inspiration, her skills a true testament to the value of experience built up over years.  I can't imagine how it must have been for the contestants though, having to rustle garments up in such short amounts of time - I would have a fit rushing like that!

Even without rushing, I made an error with both of the makes I am showing today.

I was using a pattern I have used before, from The Girls Style Book, a Japanese pattern book. 

The pattern I was using I have made several times before, maybe that's why I got blase and made the mistake...

Such a sweet top, and easy to wear, I'd imagine.

I believe you can now get this book in English (Amazon have it listed here) but mine is in Japanese, so is somewhat annotated...

I had decided to make two smocks as I had two small peeps in mind for receiving them.

One was made from a very soft pink paisley , a long length of which was picked up in a charity shop some years ago...

And the other from a very sweet pale grey 'Westfalenstoffe' floral print I bought ages ago from 'Dragonfly Fabrics'

Can you spot the mistake? 
A zoom in might help...

My tucks all lie the wrong way!  I don't know what I did (sloppy cutting out is my suspicion) but once the tucks were all made I didn't have a rounded neckline, but an impossibly uneven one, so I had to press them all the wrong way.  And they didn't really want to lie flat that way, so I added braid and button trim to force them into submission.  Oh well!

I'm okay with the end results but will be more careful next time.  I love this pattern, so I KNOW there will be a next time!

In the meantime, I have proof for Mr U-t-B, who was threatening to apply, on my behalf, for the next series of The Sewing Bee, that I am not ready for such a challenge!

I am linking up today with 'Sew and Tell Saturday' at Sew Country Chick.  Pop over if you're looking for dressmaking inspiration!


  1. I love that you turned your mistakes around with the braid and button trims, the tops are very pretty..........thanks for the link, I'm in need of dressmaking inspiration.........Ann was my hero, she so deserved to win.

  2. They are so, so pretty. Lucky little peeps!

  3. Well, they are both really pretty - lovely materials. And you made a very good job of managing your mistake - the trims look as if they should be there! Have a good weekend. Pouring down here :( Abby x

  4. Well I think they look beautiful - and they're not mistakes they are unique design features! Jane x

  5. I think they are lovely - i had to look really close for a long time. Lovely fabric. oh and yes sewing bee application threats abound.... do it!xx

  6. They are gorgeous with your personal addition ! Lovely and so pretty. I'd love to see you on the sewing Bee !

  7. They're adorable, they remind me of the little smock tops my mom used to make us when my sister and I were young. Get that application in woman you'd be amazing on the sewing bee ... Sarah x

  8. Well I never would have noticed! Such pretty blouses!