Saturday, 29 October 2011

Because I always show you the exciting things that arrive in the post, I just have to share today's package...

What - no fabric?

Just a load of worms, some coir and a new 'duvet' for our 
can-o-worms composting bin!

I could barely contain myself!

But on a very exciting note, Mr U-t-B got out his blow-lamp, collected some glass which had been cut by the glazier and did some repairs!  (Those of you who know Mr U-t-B will worry that he hasn't changed the habits of a lifetime, as he appears to be doing this work straight on top of the breakfast bar.  In actual fact, that is a sheet of plywood under the window pane.)

The shed project is so very nearly finished. 
Now that's what I call exciting!


  1. looks like one jolly exciting day!
    worms and windows...steady on ;o)
    have a fab weekend
    love jooles x

  2. Oooooooooooooooh a man with a blow lamp-hmmm now wonder if I dare tell my husband? Him being a pyromaniac! lol!
    Denise (friend of Jilly)

  3. Worms ! What fun. I have lots since I started raised veggie beds & added lots of compost & manure.. before that the soil was poor & worm-less !

    The window looks divine & glad to see Mr U t B put a cover down first..." im out of doors " forgets to do things like that !!!