Friday, 14 October 2011

Falling off the blogging carousel...and climbing back on!

Oops!  Not sure what happened there - life got a wee bit too busy for this blogging malarkey, but I'm back now and ready to show you some of what I've been up to.  

Mostly I've been teaching with my little pals Albert and Albertine...

...which has been enormous fun, now that we have re-organised so that I do an intensive block of 10 lessons for each class over a two and a half week period, rather than a lesson a fortnight throughout the year.  I now have a break till after half-term, when I will 'do' the upper school's lessons.

Meanwhile, back at Used-to-Bees HQ, a few parcels have popped through the door!

Firstly some gorgeous fabric, the results of my corduroy quest.

I opted for this one in the end, even though the colour may be a little impractical...

Japanese Corduroy Flowers

I ordered online from 'Fabric Inspirations', who now join my list of online suppliers who turn orders round in super quick time, as the corduroy, along with a smidge of this...

Sevenberry Flower Rings

and a bit of this...

Elizabeth Rose on Dots

...arrived the second day after ordering!

Next came a couple of brooches... I can seek commissions for christening or new baby presents in the form of my brooch cushion...

And then a little package from 'Cox and Cox', which also arrived pretty quickly (third day after ordering I think).  I had seen these last year in the Sainsbury's magazine...

Cocktail Stick Decorations

...but they had sold out by the time I tried to buy them, so I thought I'd get in early this time around!

The problem with 'Cox and Cox' is there are so many other lovely things.  I put quite a number in my virtual basket, but then restrained myself and just came away with the cocktail stick decorations and something birdy...

Decorative Bird Clip

Apart from fighting my way into parcels, I have also been knitting, so the gang has grown!  

Thanks to those of you who offered help, if only you could knit! 

I have also been on pansy patrol, but to no avail.   The plants in the wall are filling out nicely - from this... this...

... in about a month!

But the violas, after a brief recovery when it looked like the little munchers had had their fill, are back to this...

Even the poor leaves are nibbled now!  Boo hiss to the little blighters, whoever they are...

Another before and after here, for the wasteland that was the 'airing cupboard corner'  has been transformed, from this...

... to this...

So that is my workroom tidied and finished at last.  Except that it is not really tidy any more, as there has been some corduroy pinafore sewing going on.  First I had to chose a pattern.  Either this old one, that I've used a number of times before...

Or this much newer one...

In the end, although it is shown looking light and summery, I thought I'd use the new pattern, thinking that with a long sleeved shirt underneath and tights, the little sundress would be a pretty pinafore.  And so it turned out...

Sweet little cross-over front

The hem has a wide bias strip added - very practical as there is no hand-stitched hem for little toes to get caught in - it's all machine sewed.

Out of one and a half metres I managed to get not one, but two such pinafores...

One for Hannah, one for Sophia.  Hope they fit!


  1. Lovely catch-up post. The little knitted gang looks so sweet (love the little blue dog!). The little pinafores are so darling! Sweet little purchases too (the little birdie is gorgeous).


  2. Gorgeous little dresses, nice to catch up too. x

  3. Those dresses are so sweet.I need some tidying too.

  4. Wow you have been busy! Those dresses are just gorgeous, well done.

  5. ooh what beautiful things there are in this post ! I have to stop looking at Cox & Co now or I'd order everything !
    Your pinafores are delightful & just what Jess used to wear with tights & a long sleeved shirt under. They are in the loft in a suitcase & she asks me from time to time why I keep some of her little dresses !

    Your little army of finger puppets are growing !

  6. Great post for lots of different reasons. Thanks for the corduroy fabric link I've been after some for a skirt I want to make. Those pinafores are lovely and your brooch cushions are exquisite fingers crossed for lots of commissions.

  7. Hello busy lady!
    My Cox and Cox virtual basket is laden with goodies......all too lovely.
    The knitted gang look fabulous, well done.
    I've printed the finger puppet pattern out and am sending it to Mother-in-law cheese to see if she has time to make some by the end of next week. Can't promise.

  8. Hello Alix,
    I have fallen off the blogging carousel big time as life is a bit tricky just now but I am popping in to catch up on my favourite blogs when I can.
    Unlike me, you have lots to show for your time spent awol!
    I love the fabric you have chosen and the gorgeous little dresses are beyond sweet, what lucky little girls.
    I am a Cox and Cox fan too, I have just used the last 25%off voucher so am looking forward to a parcel early next week.
    I hope you apprehend the mysterious viola munching mob very soon. x :-)