Thursday, 27 October 2011

When will I learn...

...that showing planned projects on my blog before I even have the faintest idea whether I can achieve them is pure madness?

For, once I have mentioned something, and shown some pretty pictures...

...I do feel that I must deliver the requisite ta-dah! moment, and not take too long about it!

Now whilst reaching 'the reveal' in most cases is pure pleasure, the last few days have seen more than a few moments when, had it not been for me opening my big bloggy mouth (so to speak) I'd have abandoned the project in rage and frustration.

Mostly this has been the fault of the planned scarf bonanza.  Did you spot this alongside the lovely photo?

So, I found the lovely Noro yarn to click my way towards something gorgeous for someone special this Christmas. Then I spotted the bargain £1-a-ball 'Allegra' alpaca mix and thought I might as well make two more for another two special people.  

And I have now spent two evenings, and a few odd bits of time in between, knitting and then mostly unravelling what I've made!

If this is someone's idea of easy, I dread to this what would constitute intermediate or advanced!  

I have got this far...

...but I have to tell you that it is peppered with lost stitches (luckily not dropped) and hasty 'make ones' that aren't in the pattern at all.   And it is no surprise to me to find that all my problems stem from the dastardly '7 stitch wrap' that I was quite enthusiastic about on Tuesday.  I have not mastered the stitch, but have learnt to deal with the problem it throws up, so will just continue and hope that the recipient is not going to examine the finished article too closely and spot the errors!

In other news, there has been a bit more bag making...

...and a bit of window painting...

(It's not wonky, just a bit open!)
Shed reveal very soon hopefully!


  1. That scarf is going to be gorgeous! I do not knit so anything would not seem easy to I think you are off to a great start and I LOVE the yarn you picked. I have a scarf feddish. :-)

    The shed looks like it is coming along very well...

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. Ha ha, you fell for the "Quick and Easy' badge! At least when you blog about things before you start it gives you the determination to see things through. I'm sure you will master the gorgeous scarf (despite it NOT being Q&E), just like you did those lovely bags.


  3. Hi Alix I think we can all be accused of a little bit of this can't we, although I have to say you look like you've been quite busy to me. The scarf is well on it's way to being a little gem and now you've obviously perfected your purse technique. They're just gorgeous and have you forgotten the multitude of little girl outfits you've been showing us lately. Looking forward to seeing the shed.

  4. The pattern does look a bit complicated!
    Love the colours, though.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I knit a fair bit and that pattern does not look at all easy to me, I have been wanting to knit the family scarves for christmas, and started off imagining long snuggly cabled wonders, then realised just how little knitting time is left till the big day and have unravelled and began knitting scarflettes, very cute and hopefully a whole lot quicker, pattern courtesy of ravelry.

    The purses are gorgeous, intruiged to see your finished shed.

  6. Knitting - nice idea but whenever I've tried it, things go completely wrong! So I admire anyone who even attempts this perplexing craft!

  7. this is why I don't (can't) follow patterns.
    I just lose all hope and abandon my efforts.
    Keep going, you're going to crack it

  8. The scarf looks wonderful to me...lovely colours. I know I couldn't do because I just can't follow the patterns:( I get so lost after the first row....LOL:)