Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hoping to find time to make some of these today...

Tana Ramsay's Hooting Hallowe'en Owls

To find out how, pop along here.

I'm not really that into Hallowe'en, especially 'trickle treating' (as the children seem to call it).  A few years back I scored on that front, by giving children from school who arrived at my door oranges or apples (we didn't have any sweets in the house!).  Word soon got round that it isn't worth hammering on our door and scaring the living daylights out of me because all you get is FRUIT!



  1. These are lovely!
    I have 7 kidlets for halloween tea tomorrow so might try and make these. YUM!
    mwa ha ha ha!

  2. Those are adorable. I loved trick or treating when I was young but it is not a holiday here in Holland. It is not my favorite holiday though but I like to remember now with fond memories of my sister. This was her very favorite holiday.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. Oh Alix they look lovely shame to eat them.Have a good halloween.Love Jill xx

  4. Oh I love Halloween - although I do take the lit pumpkin in again to dissuade trick or treaters after about 8.30. There's only so many times I can be bothered to open the door slowly (wearing a fake witches nose) and saying 'Yeeeeee-eess?' in scary creaky voice.

    I will add the owls to my inspiration file for next year - already made eyeball cakes, rice krispie spiders, graveyard cakes, ogre teeth and gingerbread mummies!

  5. I love the cakes, something to make next year I think!
    I also think the fruit is a great idea!

  6. Those cakes look and lovely!
    Enjoy your halloween.

  7. Ha ha, must remember the fruit deterrent!

    Love the little owl cakes!