Friday, 21 October 2011

Favourite Thing on a Friday - Success at last! (Well, almost...)

I nearly cracked it last night, but, with the final hurdle in sight (a finished bag/purse thingy), I made a silly schoolgirl error and ended up with a bag/purse thingy that was a weeny bit too small for the frame.  

I did not take photos of the thingy tossed in the corner, the glue-y fingers and the look of extreme frustration on my face, nor did I record the howl of disappointment, or the sound of steam coming out of my ears...

But, encouraged by all your comments about perseverance, patience and tenacity, I armed myself with the seam ripper and resolved that I would not be beaten!

Unfortunately, it was quite a good evening on the television (a rarity nowadays) so I was distracted by Sarah Beeny, Educating Essex and the The Great British bake-Off Revisited on catch-up, so it wasn't till this morning that I re-stitched the seam and then re-glued, with my fingers firmly crossed that I could squeeze the required extra centimetre out of the seam allowance. (The crossed fingers did make the glueing bit needlessly harder than it ought to have been...)

And it so nearly worked!  Just one tiny bit in one corner is short of about 4mm!  Never mind.  I have learnt that the pattern I have come up with CAN work, and more importantly I know which bits are the key to success.  

Here's the 'finished' article (which will still serve a purpose somewhere in the house)...

You can see the dreaded gap there in the top left corner!

The plain lining was a poor choice, showing, as it does, the glue of the failed attempt.  

I do like the heavily gathered puff!

I'm hoping to squeeze a bit more sewing in today, whilst I can still remember all the things that went wrong and make sure to avoid them!

I'm linking up with Mimi and Tilly's Favourite Thing on a Friday - do hop over and see what others are liking today!

Edited 10 minutes later:  Now I've found another favourite thing for today!  Read about the man who ordered a bespoke pair of slippers here.  It's gotta make you smile!


  1. I like the heavily gathered puff too. Well done you. Glad it all came together in the end!

  2. Well I have to smile as I have had just as hard a time with one of these purse frames only mine was the sew on variety.
    I wondered if the glue on version would be any better but apparently not LOL.
    That said I think your purse looks lovely. I will probably have another go sometimes as I bought two!


  3. Lovely purse - at least you'll be able to see the coins with a light coloured lining. I think slipper man should keep his monster foot. It looks like it would make a nice cosy place to sleep! x

  4. Oh, Alix, it's really beautiful, I love the puffiness, the bobbly clasp and the beautiful material, the whole thing!

    You made me laugh with your description of having a bucket on your head, but I highly recommend getting acquainted with Mr Norton. The Painted Veil is the one to go for first possibly as the cinematography of it is just amazing, and the costumes are to die for. Thanks for joining in iwth FTOF! Em x

  5. it looks great, well done on sticking with it!
    Josie x

  6. Well done on not giving up you did a great job xx

  7. Your purse looks great. Well done on the pattern design and your choice of fabric. If you're anyhting like me I make my mistakes when I'm tired perhaps that's what happened with the giant slipper?!

  8. Brilliant well done Love Jill xx