Monday, 31 October 2011

Bouncing Babe

Yesterday, we took the Hooting Hallowe'en Owls and a couple of pumpkins and set off into the hinterlands to visit little Sophia, who was looking cute in her witch's outfit.

She had a nice chat with grandad...

...and then showed off her dancing skills in the baby bouncer.

Lovely though the visit was, I may have to offer help on the housekeeping front (not that I'm a paragon of virtue on that front)...

Poor Sophia's Mum was meant to be hosting a parents and babies get together on Saturday, but she came down with a migraine and had to cancel.  Such a shame, when she'd gone to all that trouble to decorate and the place looked fantastic!


  1. Sweet Sophia! She looked as though she's enjoying herself. Hope that her mum's ok now.

    Enjoy your week.

  2. She looks very cute in the little witch outfit-I actually designed that! its great to see it on a baby!

  3. Oh she looks adorable. What a shame about the get together. My house looks like that ...all the time !

  4. Oh that's the cutest halloween costume EVER (love it Elise!)