Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Vintage finds, and another surprise!


 'Original Features' haven't been in touch to offer to tile our front path and the hallway!  

Nor has Mr Roger Oates been in touch to thank me for the plug yesterday, and to ask me which of his marvellous designs we'd like him to install on our staircase!

Anyway, thanks for all the comments on my door post (ha ha) yesterday - I was having a bit of a dream with all that, and will now be scaling down my expectation to something more in line with our savings.  It is nice to imagine sometimes, and hey, who knows what bargains I may find to turn parts of the dream into reality.  One thing is certain, red front doors seem to be a top choice...

A few weeks back, when I was hunting for those windows, (that project is still progressing - all will be revealed very soon!)  I came across a little cache of vintage patterns and booklets in one of the local antiques places.  I did treat myself to two, but had seen one other pattern and one booklet that I would have liked to buy but didn't feel I should splurge the extra £4.50 on such frivolities.

I happened to be passing the antiques barn the other day and decided that if they were still there, I would get them.  And there they were, nestled on a shelf just where I'd last seen them.  So here they are...

Published in 1937, the booklet has lots of inspiring diagrams...

..and plans for projects.  The items tell of a different era and a different pace of life somehow - breakfast tray set, nightdress case, tea cosy, pochette.

The diagrams for individual motif are lovely...

...but what I'm most likey to delve into are the flower sprays...

With the absence of detailed photos,   the motifs are explained in gloriously wordy detail.

The dressmaking pattern is probably not one I'll use as it is - somehow, all that flounce would look a bit out of place these days, but it just reminds me of the sort of dress I'd have loved when I was little!

And the surprise?

Lovely Andrea from 'Fin and Gabs' got in touch with me to let me know about this, in 'Making' magazine...

That's my noticeboard there!  If you happen to have found this blog because of the mention, you can find out how I made the noticeboard here.


  1. Wow, published! Well done!

    Sweet sweet dress pattern and the embroidery book is gorgeous. It's now in the best hands because you'll make such good use of it.


  2. Wow - what a fab compliment. Well done.

  3. That embroidery book looks right up your street and at last your name in print, how exciting and a big well done.

  4. Just found your blog. I will certainly follow.

    Thanks for sharing.